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GE GSS25QS (25.4 cu. ft.) Side by Side Refrigerator

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This product is not recommended.


This refrigerator's ice in the door feature malfunctioned within the first year of ownership. The cost of repair was ridiculous so we decided to do without the feature. We just pull out the ice drawer and get ice as needed. Otherwise the refrigerator is still working. Next time we will purchase another brand. Noise Level The noise level of this product is one of its better features. It is amazing how technology has allowed for such low noise. Interior Organization This fridge has satisfactory organization. Several shelves pull out for ease of storage and convenience. Temperature Control Milk will not spoil and it does a satisfactory job with produce and meat as well. Ease of Cleaning This product is very easy to clean. Drawers and shelves pull out easily and go back smoothly. You only need dish soap and water to get them nice clean and fresh. Durability The ice dispenser in the door feature malfunctioned within a few months of ownership. This feature is important because now we have to open the ice drawer and close it each time we need ice and that is not convenient at all. Design No problems with the design.



Good refrigerator but issues with the water and ice dispensing


Overall I like the design of this refrigerator but there are several reasons I wouldn't give it a 'very good' rating. The first is an issue I have with the water and ice dispensing. First, all of the buttons have split open on the touchpad after only owning this for four years, which seems odd. Second, the water stopped dispensing once and I read online that others had issue with the same thing so I was able to read how to fix it - using a hair dryer to warm up the tube that dispenses the ice and water. It was an easy fix, but sounds like one I'll have to make over and over as the freezing issue itself isn't fixed. And third, I know that the inside of probably all refrigerators are plastic, but I've already had one side drawer crack and it seems like the plastic is fairly brittle because I don't keep much in them and have only removed them a few times to clean them.



Buyer's Remorse


This refrigerator comes with planned obsolescence built-in. Within the first year, the drawers had cracked, the levers break off, the freezer over-cools and then the food inside the refrigerator freezes. After 2 years, the drawers are held together with duct tape, the cover of the ice maker (which takes up waaay too much room) has fallen off, and the auto-shut-off doesn't work. When the drawer gets full, I have to pull it out and stick my arm way back under it and bend it in an unnatural position to manually turn off the ice maker. When the ice maker is empty, I need to do the same thing to turn it back on. Now, after 3 years, I want to go at the thing with a tire iron. I have to continuously monitor the fridge and freezer temperature. I have to make sure nothing in the fridge or freezer is touching the walls, or it blocks circulation, and the freezer makes a howling sound as the temperature drops 10 degrees lower than the set temperature, as the fridge section quickly follows suit. I have written to GE about these problems and they have offered to repair it as long as I pay for the parts. However, they sent me an exploded diagram of the fridge and asked me what parts I would need -- like I would happen to know offhand! I will never purchase another GE fridge as long as I live, and I thought I really hated my old Kenmore! You would think, with this kind of wear and tear, I would have 12 kids, but our family consists of 2 adults and a college student who only lives at home when she is not in school. My advice? If you can't afford their Profile line (which I am assuming is made much better -- perhaps erroneously) skip GE. Noise Level Freezer howls. I can hear it 2 rooms away, which I guess is a good thing, because that means the temperature in it is dropping to meet North Pole standards and I have to jump up and rearrange everything until the howling stops. Great effect on Halloween, however. Interior Organization Who decided the veggie drawer was to be made so large, but with tiny little drawer tracks, that if one actually filled it with a week's worth of veggies for a family of 3, that the drawer would be so heavy it would break the tracks. The "damp" or "dry" lever fell off in no time. The shelves are limited in where they can be put, and the sliver of a shelf that exists between the veggie drawer and the meat drawer is dictated by design. It is impossible to see what is on that shelf in the back and I am continually finding amazing science experiment surprises whenever I clean out the fridge, which I do on a pretty regular basis. Temperature Control As I have previously stated, temperature control is NOT this unit's strong suit. And that's being kind. Since I have to keep the fridge temp on 40 or 41 degrees so everything (like WHOLE melons and eggs) doesn't freeze, things can spoil quickly. And frozen lettuce does not revive, nor do most fruits. Eggs can be rinsed under warm water for a minute. The fact that I KNOW this is really quite sad. Ease of Cleaning Some of the drawers and shelves are constructed so that things can get under some of the edges and cannot be cleaned. Otherwise, everything comes out and can be cleaned and put back in. Soda cans scratch the plastic holder in the door and that never seems to be able to be cleaned, though. Durability Cheesy plastic drawers and thin drawer tracks crack and break in no time. Keep duct tape on hand. Door stops have popped off after 3 years as well, I just put one on the kitchen wall so the door doesn't crash into it. Design Ice maker takes up too much room, and when you pull out the drawer, it has to be aligned "just so" to make the connection so the dispenser works. Mine stopped working within the first year. Parts break and fall off. This refrigerator was designed to be replaced, not to be long lasting and durable. My last refrigerator was 20 years old when i replaced it. If I could afford to replace this one, I would do it right now. I find it disgusting that products are not expected to last, and that all of that plastic -- which is made from oil by-products, incidentally -- is quickly headed to the landfill.

Orlando, FL


GE GSS25QS (25.4 cu. ft.) Side by Side Refrigerator

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