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Front Load Washers
GE Front Load Washer

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Not that great!


I love front load washers but I have had GE put 6 times to fix this washer. When it runs it's awesome. Thank goodness for the warranty.

Melbourne Florida


A quality machine for a tight space


I sought long and hard for a washer and dryer that would fit into my impossibly small laundry pantry. I had exactly a 24" entry into the space that had been rebuilt to allow for laundry hook up. I was also very interested in Energy Savings equipment, preferably High Efficiency. The GE **WCVH4800KWW Washer fit these criteria, and was priced below the top rated competitor into a range I could afford.** **The one great difficulty in this purchase was that the kit to stack its matching Dryer with it was very hard to come by- on back order most places for months. I lucked out on the internet and found it out of state at another appliance store, but ended up paying double for it.** **I read the instructions before using it because the knobs and buttons were not intuitive. I still haven't determined which of the settings makes sense for what load; for the few months I've owned it I haven't needed more than a one or two of the choices for a cycle. ** **It does shake a bit, which I can feel across the apt. (My computer table just wavered as I typed this, in response to a brief Spin.) I have not had complaints from neighbors, and if the spin cycle is lower than High, the shaking is not very distracting. I am also glad to report that it is not very noisy, and that the alert for a finished cycle is more pleasant than the buzzers I've known from past washers. ** **It does take much longer to run than an average washer, I have been told this is due to its energy efficiency, which is counter intuitive. It uses less water, and spins longer to require less heat to dry in the next machine, and somehow this all adds up to a longer time for a wash. I've been fortunate that I haven't had to rush a load yet, so this has not been a problem.** **Having read other reviews of this product, I do check the door and the rubber on the inside of the door to make sure excess water isn't accumulating and causing mold. So far, this hasn't been a problem.** **My clothes are coming out clean and fresh and I am pleased with the product. **

Roslindale, MA


GE Front Load Washer

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