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Front Load Washers
GE Front Load Washer

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This GE washer is great for a small space.


I have owned the GE Spacemaker WSXH 208H front-load for several months now and I have not had any problems with this washer. When the machine was delivered the delivery guy did not know that the drum was bolted in place for transporting causing the machine to vibrate or walk across the floor badly. After coming out two times and me showing him the directions for unpacking in the manual, this was fixed and the machine has worked fine. It is a great machine for a small space which is what I needed. I have mine stacked with the matching dryer. The washer is extremely quiet. Controls are easy to read and easy to set for various cycles. The machine cleans the clothes well. It is energy efficient as it does not use a lot of water. The detergent dispenser easily removes for cleaning. If you are looking for a machine that is quiet, efficient, easy to operate, and a space saver this is a very good washer.

Clinton, SC


Such A Waste of a Classic Household Name


The good thing about most front loaders is the quietness of use. The first few uses, I had to stand in front of it to make sure it was washing! It can wash more items with less water. I've owned the GE Adora front load washer, dryer and pedestals for a few years now. These machines are used for two adult's clothing and household linens. I've had come out and repair both 8 times now. The knobs are very sensitive to the slightest movement. The placement of the washer catch-all is horrendous. They recommend emptying it at least once a year. You need to be a yoga master to lay on the floor, oddly angel your arms with the screw driver to remove the front panel. That's the easy part. After emptying the catch-all, trying to replace the front panel and three screws is a nightmare. Even the GE repair have told me the design isn't good on either the washer and dryer. Currently I am waiting for a repair man as the washer pours out water from below the drum. This is my last repair call for either machine. I ***will ***purchase a front loader washer and dryer again. Will definetely ***NOT ***purchase a GE front loader washer and dryer.

Lake Forest, CA


way too many problems with this washer


  I absolutely hate my GE Adora clothes washer.  What a rip off.  The buttons always get stuck and the spin cycle keeps tilting the whole machine and then it clicks off.  The turn dial is extremely sesitive and goes way passed what you want it to go on.  And you can't put very many clothes in there.  It's not as heavy duty as they tell you when you go to buy it.  It is a little bulky and not worth purchasing.  I have three kids and do about three loads of laundry a day and it cannot keep up with our life of washing.  The price was right but now we're paying for it.  We should have just bought a higher priced washer.  It's very loud too.  If friends or family are over they say it sounds like a jet is taking off in our laundry room.  How embarrassing!  I definatley do not recommend this washer at all.  It's not easy to use and not easy to clean.  The inside liner leaks and got a hole in it after only a year of use. Do not buy this washer!

Fair Oaks, CA


GE Front Load Washer

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