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Front Load Washers
GE Front Load Washer

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STAY AWAY from this CHEAPLY built JUNK~~!!


When I bought this condo two years ago, it had 'newer appliances' of which the Frigidaire washer/dryer were two.  Recently began to hear 'bearing' noise from the washer during cycles, and decided to replace them.  Was advised by my favourite appliance dealer that Frigidaire builds all of these basic ones now, and wholesales them to other companies, of which GE is one.  The new GEs look exactly like the Frigidaire I was replacing so I bought them.  Fit perfectly, nice looking, good basic knobs and simplicity, which I value highly.  WELL . . . put a load in, and never have I heard such a clatter; not even Santa's sleigh and reindeer on the roof Christmas Eve!!!  When the washing machine hit 'spin cycle' really could have believed myself to be in a Third World nation, trapped inside a corrugated metal hanger while a trapped ancient small aircraft was trying to wind up for take-off~~!!!!  The laundry cage clanked and clattered against the cheap metal sides of the washing machine before getting their balance with every spin cycle.  And this is a brand new machine???  Also, when filling with water, sounded like Niagara Falls beating against the cheap plastic door.  My old machines (circa 2000-2001) had a nicely insulated metal door which helped preclude the gushing water sound.Avoid these GE machines.  VERY poorly built and cheap metal.  Even the drum inside had plastic seams between the metal drum sections. Thankfully my appliance store was willing to accept these back in trade for Asko of Sweden stacking units.  Will hope for better balance and quiet. Energy Efficiency Took it back to the store. Cleaning Time Who knows Performance noisey Ease of Use noisey Design Clatter and clunk Durability Doubt it.


Bellevue, WA


Love it


My boyfriend got it for me on his sister's lowe's card cuz mine went.Mom wasn't sure how to work it love the lock feature so my handicapped son con only hit power button other ones he didn't mess with hey if power button is the only thing it don't lock i'll live with it.After i showed mom how easy it was to work i didn't have to show her again.Told her it is almost like the big ones at laundry mat.I guess larry won't be seeing me anymore blankets i can do at home save myself money.Just have tio watch how much tide i use and i'm good to much soap no good.


Hazleton, PA


The best washer in the world.


The washer in question is the best gift I have ever recieved.  It was bought for Christmas by my mother - in - law, and I never asked her for another thing.  THis outweighs any gift.  I had a set of Carhartt Bibs and a coat to match that had been drowned in mud and gunk, I would have never tried it in any other washer, but I tried and they came out cleaner than I would have ever expected.  I had to call and tell everyone.


Newburg, PA


Nice energy efficient washer


The GE front loading washer- **WSXH208A is a great energy efficient washer.  It was the type that came inside my apartment so I did not have a choice. I would say that I am very happy that this is the washer that came with the apartment. It is very quiet and has a number of settings depending on the type of laundry I am washing.  It has a convenient slot to put detergent as well as softener.  It can also hold quite a large load of laundry. What I like best about the washer is that it gets the clothes clean, quietly and efficiently.  The one downside I would say about the washer is it's hard to guage how much detergent has been put in since the compartment immediately drains into the machine.  Also I have run into instances where not all the soap suds were rinsed clean when the load had "finished" washing. This was probably more due to my inability to measure detergent rather than the actual machine though. **


Salem, NH


Does a good job for a small energy efficent machine.


I have had my GE front loader for about 5 years and it still working pretty good. We initially picked this washer because we had a really small galley kitchen and the washer needed to fit under the kitchen counter. One great feature is that the washer is very energy efficient. Because of this it uses much less water than regular washers. You will need to purchase HE laundry detergent and even then I use about half of the recommended amount. I have heard that if you can see soap suds in an HE machine- then you are using too much soap. Drying time for clothes after you use this machine is much less because the clothes come out almost dry thanks to the final spin cycle. One major negative for me is that the spin cycle is very noisy. A lot of the time it makes my entire apartment shake. I have also had a problem with clothes getting pulls in it from the many small holes inside the drum of the machine. This can probably be reduced by using the gentle cycle instead of the regular cycle. A very good machine for the money I spent and it fits in my small space. When I eventually buy a larger home I will most likely purchases a GE machine again.


Bridgeport, CT


GE Washer-Front Load nice at first then trouble appears


My GE front load washer was a dream at first but after it started breaking down constantly it became apparent it was nothing but trouble.  It cleaned well and was gentle on good clothing.  But after being repaired it was never the same again.  I guess there are good and bad ones, I just happened to get a dud.  


Shermans Dale, PA


The GE Front Load Washer is a nice machine for large families


The front load GE Washer is a nice large machine for large families, but it has problems that you have to get use to.  The biggest of which is that it does not like things that go through the washer in little boys pockets, and of course others, change being the worst. Our repairman showed us how to remove the front and clean out in front of the pump sohe did not have to be called so often. Then there is the way soap and water is deposited into the clothes. it just runs down from the dispenser and on to the clothes. if you have filled the bleach container and for got to put the machine on white clothes, thenext time the water rinses through the dispenser it will rinse the bleach right out on the clothes even if it is not whites in there at the moment. Other than these two things it seems to be long wearing and tough, even when the 13 yr.old boy uses it.


Kempner, TX


Super Efficient, Quiet - Love It!


We moved out of an apartment and bought our first washer and dryer.  We love it!  This machine is quiet and does a great job of getting our clothes clean.  Since it doesn't have an agitator in the middle, we can do big loads too. 


Fargo, ND


This washer is nice. Don't overload or all clothes will wrinkle.


This GE washer works well and has given me only one issue. Apparently, I was putting more clothes in than it could handle because everything was so wrinkled and twisted that I had to iron everything. Not my favorite chore. But I started loading it a little less and have been more satisfied with the results. It is quiet and quick, using a lot less water than my previous top loader. I would recommend getting the base for this because if you don't you will be kneeling on the floor to get your clothes out of the washer.


North Grosvenordale, CT




I have had my GE Front load washer for 2 years now. It is wonderful. As with most front loaders, it takes a while to go through the wash cycle, but more than makes up that time in drying. All items washed in it come out looking like new and there is virtually no wear or tear on the items (even after regular washes). I have 2 dogs and wash all types of materials in this washer. It is a little on the small side, so you might have to do more loads, but it is very energy efficient. I would recommend it to most people.


Oklahoma City, OK


GE Front Load Washer

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