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GE Front Load Gas Dryer


The latest line of GE washers dryers offers the ultimate in laundry performance and convenience With energy-efficiency and water-savings at the top of the list GE has created large-capacity washer and dryer products that not only clean your clothes

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Great Product! Love it!


This gas dryer does the job. It does not have the frills of some of the more fancy machines, but this one works for me! The knobs are simple and simple is good. An appliance repairman suggested I go for this type of machine. He says that the HE dryers don't typically last as long as they should and some of the contributing factors are all of the bells and whistles that aresn't necessary for meeting the average person's needs. He indicated that the savings in energy over the lifetime of the fancy dryers do not exceed the cost of the more frequesnt repair/replacements. I opted for this one and was told I made a wise choice. It has held up well and dried all sorts of items. I do not recommend the matching washer. That was a nightmare! (GE is notorious amongst rapairmain for manufacturing sub par washing machines with plastic parts in their motors). There is nothing that says you have to buy a matching set anyway, right?! Practically speaking, this dryer was a great fit for me and my household as well as the budget.



GE Front Load Gas Dryer

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