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GE Front Load Electric Dryer


The latest line of GE washers dryers offers the ultimate in laundry performance and convenience With energy-efficiency and water-savings at the top of the list GE has created large-capacity washer and dryer products that not only clean your clothes

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Will definitely buy this product again!


I have had this exact dryer well over 18 yrs now. We purchased this when we had 7 kids is our home because of the capacity size and its durability. Havent had to do ANY repairs to it at all since its purchase. Love that I can do large loads of towels, jeans and bedding without worry of them not getting completely dry. I have absolutely no complaints about this dryer and am so happy with my choice in purchasing it

Dennison, Ohio


Basic but good


There aren't many fancy features with this dryer, but I mean all you should need is a simple clothes dryer anyway. There are a few different settings like cottons and easy care for some materials. You can also make it so it isn't as hot which you might want so that you can be sure items don't shrink. Haven't encountered anything shrinking though, but I'm sure you want to watch with any dryer. When you have it on the regular setting it can get quite warm and dry clothes pretty quickly. If you need something basic, that is a medium size, this works just fine. Load Capacity I personally don't use too many items at once but it seems like it could hold a fair amount. Performance No issue at all really. Ease of Use Simply push a knob and its on. Settings are color coded as well. Doesn't get much simpler. Durability Haven't had any issues using it. Design Nothing special here, but that's no big deal. Loading from the front is nice since you can keep things on top when you need free hands, or use it to fold.



not that great


It started off working good. Over time, it is taking more cycles to dry my clothes. Like running 2 times to get a load of t-shirts dry. Jeans will take 2 or 3 cycles. Towels take 2 or 3 cycles too. We've checked to make sure the lint wasn't clogging the vent, but that looks good. Only the baby's laundry takes one cycle to dry. I guess the heating element could've been of higher quality. Load Capacity Having to run multiple cycles is annoying. Performance Having to run the dryer 2 or 3 times for each load creates a very long laundry day. Ease of Use Having the knob fall off is annoying. The start button doesn't work correctly. The dryer turns on when you shut the door after setting the timer with a pair of pliers. Durability The knob for the timer snapped off. I have a pair of pliers to turn the knob. The start button is messed up internally- after you set the timer, it will start when you shut the door. I will say that I haven't noticed any rust, yet. Design I hate this dryer. It doesn't look unattractive, but I don't get excited looking at it either.



GE Front Load Electric Dryer

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