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GE French Door Refrigerator GFSL6KEXLS

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This is a very beautiful refrigerator!


Love this refrigerator! Noise Level Only time it makes any noise is when it is making ice. Interior Organization Not a big fan of the freezer because there is only one spot to put everything. Temperature Control Keeps my groceries cold/frozen. Ease of Cleaning Fingerprints are a battle everyday. Durability Only had this refrigerator a few months but so far so good! Design Such a beautiful refrigerator!

Waldorf, MD


Looks Good for a GE Frige


Its awesome looking on the outside, but you got work to keep it clean especially if you have kids. Fingerprints show up quick. I am not a fan of the freezer compartment, it's just a bunch of bins in different sizes and you have to stack food on top of each other. It's a pain when your looking for something and a pain when you can't find what your looking for and you know it's in there. The doors don't close all the way a lot of times, thank goodness for the beeping noise it makes when they don't.

Fort Lauderdale, FL


Freezer drawer gets stuck


My husband and I bought this fridge because our fridge died out--it was about 10 years old. We decided it would be nice to look at the option of getting a french door stainless steel model for a fridge to match the rest of the appliances in our kitchen and also because we feel like these types of fridges are better for viewing all the items you have in your fridge--in other words, they are more spacious and the compartments are great. Overall, i like this product, but there are 2 things to mention. 1) we put 5 1 gallons jugs of milk/juice on the bottom tier thinking it should be able to bear the weight just fine, but as it turns out--we were wrong. We noticed cracks on the edges of the shelf afterward, so be careful not to load too much on the shelves. I guess I'm just stating the obvious. 2) The bottom freezer drawer tends to get stuck from being caked with too much ice. It doesn't role out smoothly, so I feel like I have to yank out the drawer sometime and I feel like that is going to cause the drawer to break sooner than it should.

Yorba Linda, CA


Good fridge that suits our needs


The good: it stays fairly clean, no fingerprint smears on it. It is stainless steel looking, has a very nice look to it. Its large (too big for our space) and easy to navigate through to find stuff. Its super quiet - you don't hear it running at all. The bad: The doors have to be pushed to shut. There is an alarm though, that tells you is not shut all the way. The price - its not cheap. The freezer is a little difficult for me to get used to. Its a big basket you have to dig through to find stuff. Luckily we have a deep freeze also and don't keep much in this bottom freezer, but its a pain to dig through and find stuff. This is a personal preference of mine, might not be everyones opinion. We did have a microchip break early on getting the refridgerator, but my husband called the company and it was fixed within hours.This might have been a bad microchip in the fridge, but I wouldn't let that hold you up on purchasing it, becuase it did get fixed.      

Indianapolis, IN


Looks good, but not exactly my ideal fridge


I bought this GE french door refrigerator in replacement of an old broken down side-by-side fridge and have been using it for over 2 months now.  It looks really attractive and sophisicated inside and out, but as time passed I've noticed several functionality that is lacking in performance and convienence: 1) The french door style is nice, however there's not really much of a door closing mechanism that aid in closing the doors gently.  The doors tend to stay open, so it takes some effort to close which may become annoying to some.  Although there is a nice mechanism feature that beeps and let you know your doors are not closed properly after 30 seconds. 2) The special "wide-platter" drawer's lift up flap does not open at all if both doors are not fully open.  I like to keep my meats in there and they aren't always excessively a large platter, so I find it rather of a hassle having to open both doors and that it defeats the purpose of the energy-saving french door design. Certainly it's something GE can improve on. 3) The freezer compartment design is something to get used to. Other than the limited-space top drawer and pizza compartment, it's basically 2 large bins in there.  I find it a bit time-consuming to retrieve things at times because food items just get piled up on top of one another - I wish there was more of an organizational structure to it. Despite these flaws that takes some adjustment to get used to, I think it's a fine decent fridge.  

Austin, TX


GE French Door Refrigerator GFSL6KEXLS

3.4 5