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GE Freestanding Gas Range PGB928TEMWW

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Why haven't I had one sooner?


I love my GE Profile!  Let me count the ways: 1. The cook top is flat, without raised burners and I no longer have to dig in crevices to clean after a meal.   2. There are 5 burner areas: 3 rear and 2 front.  The front burners each have a "large" and "small" settings (individually controlled) to accommodate different sizes of pots and pans. 3. There's a warming burner on the stove top, and a warming drawer under the oven. 4. The self-cleaning feature is a time-saver and a half. 5. The timer function is the best I've ever had.  I can set a basic kitchen timer on it, or use a cook timer that turns off the oven for me at the end.  I can even delay the start of cook time if I want to. 6. I can broil on high or on low settings. 7. The oven light actually shows what's going on inside during cooking.  No more propping the door open to peek! What I haven't cared for is the learning curve on using a flat cooktop.  I learned the hard way NOT to put aluminum foil directly on the stove top when the surface is hot.  (It seems to "stain" or "burn" it and won't come clean.)  Plus, you have to use a special non-abrasive cleaner to get some water stains off of the surface. Even so, I woudn't want to cook without it!  

Charles Town, WV


Great oven living up to all my expectations


I purchased this oven about a year ago. It replaced a twenty year old oven in our new home so it was definitely a huge upgrade. The oven itself it strikingly beautiful and is quite a showpiece with the matching microwave above it. I am a baker and so far I have had very few flops and generally I attest those flops to cookware, not the oven. It has a small electric double oven on the bottom and this is useful for large meals like Thanksgiving or when you just want to throw a pizza in without heating up the whole house. It also offers the convection method. This has been a trial and error process for me to learn as this is my first experience with a convection oven. However, especially for baked goods the end result is quite superb. The oven also offers an internal probe that when the temperature is reached automatically shuts the oven off. This is a great feature for roasts and once again a Thanksgiving turkey.

Naperville, IL


GE Freestanding Gas Range PGB928TEMWW

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