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GE Freestanding Gas Range

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Love it!!!


I am from Europe and always missed in states good gas range. This range is the best!! Temperature Control Love temperature control, gas stoves are the best in this feature overall. Heat Distribution Great for the stove, the oven is OK (it is not perfect for profiteroles but oh well, can't have all ) Durability Sometimes the lighting feature is having difficulties. Design nice and sleek model Ease of Cleaning Erm, well it depends what is your cooking style, we are searing meat a lot, and it is tough to wash the splatter, but I think it is the same with any stove.

Denver, CO


GE Freestanding Gas Range is average, budget option


I'll start my review by stating that I'm not a fan of gas applicances. This range was already in a builder's model home that we purchased just over a year ago & I couldn't justify replacing a brand new appliance, so we kept it. I believe this is an average, budget friendly model. It has the basic features & performs well & consistently. The burners light quickly & evenly. The oven heats up in an average amount of time & heats relatively evenly (I typically find that my food is cooked faster than most recipes state, so perhaps it runs a bit hot?). I would have loved to see the addition of a convection feature, which I had on my past oven & have seen in several other models. While I didn't use the convection button all the time (it circulates the air in the oven to heat more quickly & evenly), I loved having it & think it would improve this model. Heat Distribution Range lights quickly & evenly. Over seems to heat evenly. Durability Like all the products we have in this GE line, it feels like some of the materials used a flimsy, especially when it comes to doors, knobs, etc.

Saint Cloud, MN




When we remodeled after 25 years, we purchased all new appliances. Since I loved my 25-year-old low-end model GE Dishwasher, I decided to replace ALL the major appliances in the remodel with new GE Clean Steel units - Gas Range, 21 c.f. Fridge, Microwave, and Dishwasher (the new Dishwasher is almost the same looking model as my 25-year-old GE Dishwasher only with a Clean Steel front). I wanted everything GE and in the Clean Steel stainless steel look (doesn't show fingerprints). I don't know how ANY Gas Range, whether GE or not, could be given anything less than 5 stars unless, of course, it arrives damaged, or a door or handle falls off after a couple months. I've had various brands over the years and gas ranges are all pretty durable (IMO). We purchased this Gas Range because it was on sale and the least expensive of the GE Clean Steel models at the time we bought it 8 months ago from a nationally known hardware chain store. We subsequently bought the GE 21 c.f. Clean Steel Fridge and both Fridge and Range have matching handles which gives a coordinated look to my kitchen. The GE Gas Range has a storage drawer bottom which is handy for large bake pans, cookie sheets, bake racks, etc., the broiler feature is located on the roof of the oven which is unusual to me, and the splashguard at the stoveback is high enough to catch food splatters from the range top, therefore keeping the kitchen wall relatively clean so far. The oven door window allows easy view when baking and when the oven light is on. Oven is self-cleaning. The splashguard back is where all the electronic oven controls, oven light, clock, and timer are located. I had to read the manual carefully to learn how to drive this new Range and now I'm a regular cooking pro! We bought a Clean Steel GE Microwave installed over the range and its handle also matches the Gas Range and Fridge. All the GE appliances we purchased are not top-of-the-line yet they match so well that it looks like we spent a lot more. The only drawback for me is that the entire Range top is black and shiny so I'm constantly buffing out splatters. I finally used heavy duty aluminum foil to cover the Range top and will probably invest in some type of custom Range cover for quick cover-ups when I don't have time for a good cleaning. I'm not too sure about the black grill burner covers either. There are some little marks caused by pots and pans scraping on them and I'm not certain how long they will stay shiny and black. I use absolutely no abrasives on the black shiny parts of the stove. Another thing to remember about GE Clean Steel surfaces - it is a thin veneer and will scratch just like ANY ordinary appliance surface if you are careless. Also, is there any major appliance brand made in the USA any more? My Range's delivery box said it was Made in Mexico. And the Microwave was made in, I believe, the Philippines or some place like that. Temperature Control Heats fairly evenly. Seems to warm up very quickly. Range top gets very hot from escaping oven heat so can't leave anything on stovetop. All burner flames get very hot and I never use temperature control past medium. Full flames have never been necessary or safe. Heat Distribution There are a variety of burner sizes and heat intensity to choose from. For my rounded bottom tea kettle I use the smaller burner. For my largest flat bottom skillet I use the larger hotter burner. Durability The range is not a top line model so I don't know how many trouble free years of service it will give. The clean steel surface can be easily nicked as it is only a thin film veneer surface over steel. The black enameled range top has been difficult to keep it looking clean so I purchased a black marble glass top board to cover half the range top burners and now water drops or food splashes are not so noticeable between cleanups. So far, knobs and handles are still intact and solid, and all the electronic oven controls are still working. Design The range, when clean, is strikingly handsome. I enjoy looking at all the coordinated GE appliances in my new kitchen. Even though not top of the line, they look fabulous. Ease of Cleaning The black range top is difficult to keep clean. The black top stains worse than a white top so I had to get a black marble glass top board to cover half of the range top burners to cut down on cleanup area. As for the oven, I bought an oven bottom liner to catch any spills that might happen from bubbling food. I guess wherever there is food and cooking, there are cleanup problems of some kind or another.

Azusa, CA


Attractive stainless steel and black gas range.


I do like the** GE JGB290MENBS 30 inch Freestanding Gas Range.** In the photo**, **it is shown with our GE Spacemaker 1.5 cubic foot Over-the Range Microvave oven, model # HVM1540LNCS. Unfortunately, the microvave just died in the last month, after just 14 months of use. There was a limited warranty on both appliances of 12 months. Thank God we kept the old Emerson microwave as a spare!** (I have a separate 1 star review of the GE Microwave.)** This oven has three oven racks so the cooking space inside can be easily adjusted. I also love the storage drawer underneath. It is a self -cleaning oven but I have never tested that feature. I don't like the idea that the oven would not be accessible during the time it would take to go through the cleaning cycle. I love that there is a glass door and an interior oven light so that I can get a sneek peak at how the food is doing. I also love that I can hit pre-heat and then I just have to listen for the beeping noise to tell me when the oven has reached the correct temperature. It is digital temperature setting and that took me a little while to get used to because I had used a stove with a dial before this stove. If I would like to turn the temperature up or down, I have to hit the off button and then set the temperature again. ** ** The cook top area itself is black with cast iron burner grates. It did take me a little while to get used to which control knob matched which burner with this stove. I believe my old stove had knobs which corresponded to different burners. For the longest time I would turn on one burner and expect a different one to be lit. It's just something that I had to get used to and I'm finally used to it now.** ** **** **Here are some of the important features of this particular oven:** **Depth: 26.25 inches** **Height: 46.125 inches** **The assembled weight is 190 lbs.** **Width: 30 inches** **Burner Grates: made of cast iron** **There is a clock** **** **** **** **** Temperature Control Our G.E. Gas Range signals when the right temperature has been reached. I can set the temperature to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and when I hear it making a certain beeping sound, I know it's ready. I like this feature because I don't know if I would wait the proper amount of time on my own. I would probably just guess after 5 or 10 minutes that the oven has warmed up enough. This way I know that it is in fact at the right temperature. Heat Distribution Our food cooks well in our G.E. oven and I'm very happy with how well the food cooks. We have cooked pizzas, pot roasts, chicken, fish, frozen french fries, frozen chicken nuggetts and several other dishes that have turned out well. Durability I am happy with how well our G.E. range is doing especially when I compare its performance to how awful a G.E. microwave performed. We were just shocked when the G.E. microwave we had purchased at the same time as our G.E. oven and our G.E. refrigerator died just over year after we had purchased it. Maybe our G.E. microwave was a lemon and it was a fluke. I really hope it was a fluke considering we have the oven and fridge from G.E. too! Design All of the controls for the oven part are at the back of the top part of the oven. One annoying thing that bothers me is that I can't adjust the temperature without shutting the oven off and then pressing the new numbers that I want for temperature. Ovens we have owned in the past used a dial and I could easily adjust the temperature quickly. The other part that I find weird is that the gas burners start off at the 10 setting and the dial can be moved to the lowest setting of 1. My old stove was the opposite. It took some getting used to for me to turn the temperature up all the way to 10 on the way to shutting the burner off completely. My old stove also had a different knob placement for the various burners. It took me quite a bit of time to remember which knob went with which burner because it was the opposite of what I had gotten used to for about 20 years. Ease of Cleaning The surface of the stove is black which I like much better than our old stove. Our old stove had been white and it was much more difficult to clean than this stove. Most of what we have to clean up is pasta sauce or grease splatter. It's really not bad to clean at all. It has a self cleaning setting but I have never used it. A friend of my father had a house fire after someone at his house used the self cleaning setting. I don't know the brand of that stove but it was enough to prevent me from wanting to try the self cleaning setting.

Plymouth, MA


GE JGB290MENBS Gas Range: love it!


The GE JGB290MENBS Gas Range is the first gas range we have ever owned. Up until we have used non-convection electric ovens (old ones!) and have been so frustrated with temperamental and inaccurate oven temperatures, with uneven heat zones. With the GE JGB290MENBS Gas Range we have been nothing but happy thus far with the performance of this range. Now that we have experienced a gas range, I don't know that I'll ever want to go back to electric ranges. The only "con" for this product is a con for all stainless steel- a bit harder to clean. I hate that I have to be extra careful when cleaning this appliance to not use anything abrasive, otherwise I risk permanently scratching the surface. This is also the first time I've owned a self cleaning oven, a real bonus in my book. I do a lot of baking and cooking in the oven and I like that the window and interior light makes it easy to view what I am making so I don't have to open the oven to take a peek. Lastly, having matching appliances to this range is a nice feature- I like having everything match. We have only owned this range for a few months, but are very happy with our purchase.

Athens, GA


GE Freestanding Gas Range

4.4 5