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GE Freestanding Electric Range JBP24DMBB / JBP24DMWW

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Reliable, Workhorse


This stands up to everyday use, we have had this for well over 2 years and as a stay at home mother with a family of 6, this stove stands up to the challenge, it is easy to use, easy to clean and very reliable, I have it in black and I havent had any major issues with the range. Temperature Control My oven takes a little while to preheat but generally when hot, its hot.The burners tend to stay pretty reliable as well and I use them minimum 3 times a day. Heat Distribution I prefer using gas ranges, but the heat distribution is adequate as long as you use the right size pot on the right sized burner. Durability I have had this well over 2 years and it has only been two or so times when the knobs have come loose from the range, it was very easy to replace them.We have had to replace the drip pans a few times but nothing that was expensive or incovenient.The oven racks are very sturdy and can withstand the daily use I put on them Design Its not the most stylish oven but it makes up for that in durability, I love that it has a timer and a clock which are very easy to set and use.I use my racks quite often and they are easy to move around and I have even bought an additional one that I use when baking big batches of cookies.I sometimes wish the oven were a little bit larger but the range has been good to me so far. Ease of Cleaning I like my oven it selfcleaning and it doesnt take too long.Over time if you leave the drip pans unattended, food can build up, but it they are gently wiped away after each use its quite easy to clean



GE JBP24DMWW Electric Range


We've got the version of the pictured range in white. Same specs, same heating element, same self-cleaning oven. We got the white one to match the cabinets and have been battling food drips and fingerprints ever since. Still, it's been a good range oven in terms of performance. For beginner to intermediate cooks it's a reasonable choice. Temperature Control After a dozen years and one repair, the oven runs a little hot and the range runs a little cool, but it will still cook the food. As much use as it's gotten, I'd rather adjust for quirks than replace it right now. Heat Distribution This is a relative thing when it comes to a coil style electric heat element. However, it does cook very evenly (if a little too fast these days) in the oven. The range cooks more evenly when we use the copper bottom pots, or the cast iron. Be aware of the size of the heating elements versus the size of your pans. We have a couple of very large frying pans that are just a hair too big for the elements, and they tend not to cook on the outer edges. Durability We have had to repair the oven once, and replace the drip pans on the range innumerable times. All in all though, it's lasted quite well. We have had this unit for a dozen years. Design This is nicely designed, with the knobs on the splash back and a digital timer that is very much appreciated by me. If I had to do it again I would not have gone with the white. Also, be mindful of the size of the heating coils versus the size of your favorite pans. The oven has two racks that can be moved around to be closer or farther from the broiler or the lower heating element, or to make room for a tall dish like a turkey. There really isn't room to put an entire Thanksgiving meal in this oven at one time. I usually do the sides, then the bird, then warm up the sides while the bird is resting. Ease of Cleaning White shows food drips and fingerprints like holy cow. Also, the drip pans for this range just don't last very long. The oven has a self clean mode and is easier to take care of.

Tampa, FL


a good, solid stove...


We've had this stove for several years and it is a good, solid workhorse. We have a bed-and-breakfast, so we needed a solid, reliable stove & oven. We had to replace the oven door after the glass shattered, and my husband had to fix the oven door again recently as well- He, is handy, thank goodness! Burners have had to be replaced periodically as well. What I don't like is the plastic keypad for the digital controls- it literally melted & buckled from the heat of the stove burners! It is going to heave to be replaced, shortly, as well. The good things is that we can get parts from GE... The oven heats well and evenly, it is self-cleaning, and it has a clock & a timer. I'm not "in love" with this stove, but we won't be replacing it (hopefully) any time soon! 

Eckman, WV


GE Freestanding Electric Range JBP24DMBB / JBP24DMWW

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