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GE Freestanding Electric Range

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GE Freestanding Electric Range: No bells or whistles


I was looking for an inexpensive range and decided on this GE model. It had to be electric because of my home. This is a very basic model. There's no electronic display. What you get is four coils: two big, two small. The temperature for each one is individually controlled by its own dial. There's the oven in the middle of the unit and on the bottom there is a shelve to store things. I use it to store my bakeware. Because of how simple it is, it's very easy to use. One very annoying thing with my unit is that some of the coils are not perfectly flat. This means that when I place a frying pan on the coil, it will slant a bit. This is most problematic when using oil as all the oil will flow to one side of the pan. I haven't really found a way to fix this, I just have to hold the pan when cooking to keep it flat. The coils heat up at a respectable speed, but I also have an induction cooktop, so it pales in comparison. If you're looking for something cheap, you may want to try this GE range.

Downers Grove, IL


Basic range at a good price, but don't expect extras!


If you're looking to buy a range at a low price point, this is your appliance! There is not digital clock/timer, or analog for that matter. But this range has worked well. I've been using it in an apartment I'm renting and have had little problem. We had issues with our fire alarms in the building going off too frequently which resulted in the landlord replacing the electric elements. We now have plates rather than coils... it now takes forever to heat up a pan or boil water for cooking. That is the biggest negative about this range, but the standard version comes will normal electric coils which work great. It is easy to clean, though not as easy as it would be with a self-cleaning button - but you get what you pay for. The oven is a little hotter than what I've cooked with before, and so I usually plan on baking for a few minutes less than what recipes call for. Our stovetop comes with the overhead light/vent which is very useful.

Chapel Hill, NC


GE Freestanding Electric Range

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