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GE Freestanding Electric Range

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GE Electric Range


There are so many conviences with this range..flat burners that are so easy to clean up if you have boil overs and spills..no more replacing drip pans or lifting top to clean under the top range..that is a cost saving and less cleaning...it the greatest stove I ever owned..it cleans on it's own..all you do is wipe away spills after the burner has cooled down... The oven offers so much space...two racks..wide racks...I can bake 4 cookie sheets at once..time saved..and the oven is a self cleaning oven...cleans up great... You get a clock and timer that are in ditial..quick glance..love it You get a seprate drawer at the bottom to store your pans and cookie sheets...broiler pan... Here is a hint for all you cooks...after using top burner cool for a few minutes so that it is no longer in cook mode but rather in a warm mode...place finished on burner to keep warm til ready to serve...make sure it is an oven proof plate..or leave in original cooking pan..enjoy hot food!!

Schenectady, NY


GE Freestanding Electric Range

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