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GE Freestanding Electric Range

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The flat top cook surface is wonderful


I've been cooking for more than sixty years.  The self-cleaning oven on this GE range is a pleasant, labor saving device that eliminates a very unpleasant task.  The best feature, however, of this range is the flat surface cook top.  I'd seen them advertised but, skeptic that I am, I didn't believe all the raves - that is, until I tried it.  The units heat quickly and the light that warns of a hot unit stays lit until the unit is cool to touch.  Spill clean up quickly and easily - no more scouring yucky drip pans or searching for the right size replacement when a drip pan rusts out.  The flat surface is a safe and level place to rest hot pans from the oven without concern about tipping and spilling hot liquid all over the stove or floor.  Yes, the oven bakes well and temperatures are on target.  The oven is roomy - large enough on one shelf for two cookie sheets at a time.  All in all, I like this range better than any I've used in all my years of cooking.

Sparta, GA


I'm pretty happy with my GE Electric Range/Oven JBP68MMBS


I'm pretty happy with my GE Electric Range/Oven JBP68MMBS. It is a nice serviceable electric oven and stove. This stove is a huge upgrade from my 1980s electric range. I never knew that I could make a cake that would taste so delicious. It is amazing what a consistent temperature can do! My roasts are done right on time and any thing I bake is a million times better. Now, this is no fancy stove with tons of add-ons. This is a basic, relatively inexpensive electric range and you shouldn't expect anything more than that. Still, it is consistent, reliable and produces good food. My only concern so far (I've only had the stove for a month) is that I don't like how the cooking elements are arranged. Both of the large cooking elements are in the front with the smaller ones in the back. This leads to a bunch of crowding when I cook in multiple pans. Also, the cooking element in the front right side can expand to an extra large size. This is really handy, but can lead to even more crowding. If the large cooking elements were diagonal from each other, this would be a great stove for the price. And the stainless steel look-alike finish is great. I havve it on my fridge too and I love it.

Cromwell, CT


Another Poor GE Product Warranty Nightmare


I had too many problems with this appliance to mention. Just know that GE provides terrible customer service and has an issue with warranty replacement. I would have expected better from a solid company like GE. This appliance didn't work from the moment we moved in to our new home and it still took GE over a year to replace it! I even had to "wing it" on Thanksgiving!! No oven on Thanksgiving???? That definitely could have gone smoother. Do yourself and your family a big favor......don't buy this appliance and stay away from GE unless you enjoy unhappy endings.

Valrico, FL


This thing is beast


This was basically my only option was a 24 inch wall oven becaues I didn't have a lot of space. However, this was very easy to install because it isn't a wall oven and just slides right into place. The stainless steel looks amazing in my kitchen and I especially like the stainless steel handle on the bottom drawer. Most ovens don't have stainless  steele on the handles so it was different. It is black on the top, the sides, and the oven handle but it looks really good. Make sure that it matches your stainless steel because the appearance can vary But most important, this oven cooks food really well. Soo many different features, I could probably never use them all. It heats up really fast which is excellent. And for clean up, the glass top makes that easy and requires little maintanence. It has a self-cleaning feature for the inside as well. The stove part is really excellent with both large and small size burners.

Chapel Hill, NC


The GE Electric Stove is great


The GE Electic Stove works great. It is the best stove i have ever owned. The flat top surface is really hard to clean since you can not really scrub it but other than that i have no problems with it. I love the flat top surface it is so much easier to use than regular stovetops. The oven works great and i love the preheat setting. I love the fact that it has an oven light on it since i dont have much lighting in that part of the kitchen. The timer on it works great and automatically shuts the oven off after the timer stops. It is self cleaning and locks while it is cleaning so that is another plus in my book since i have small children in my home. Another plus to it is the fact that the oven door does not get hot while you are baking or cooking with the oven. I love the light on the stove that lets you know that the surfaces are still hot even the kids know not to touch the stovetop when that red light is on.

Blountstown, FL


GE Freestanding Electric Range

3.8 5