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GE Freestanding Electric Double Oven Range

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Best Thing Since Sliced Bread!


We had to buy a new oven when we moved into our new house one year ago.  At the time I really wanted a double oven, but our kitchen did not have the space for one.  So, I saw these and knew I had to have one.  It has been one of our best decisions to this day! I absolutely love having the double oven, and not just a double oven, but a smaller oven on top and a larger oven on the bottom.  The smaller oven is wonderful!  I use it for 99% of my cooking needs.  The only thing I ever have to cook in the larger oven are really large things like a ham or a turkey.  But even then it is great because I can put the smaller items like casseroles and side dishes in the top and have the meat cooking in the bottom all at the same time! I also love the top oven because it is a good way to save energy.  It heats up in minutes instead of taking a while like the larger ovens and takes less electricity to keep it heated.  I don't feel like it heats up the house as much as a larger oven either. The only negative I see with this oven is the loss of a place to keep your cookie sheets and such on the bottom of the oven.  Luckily we had plenty of cabinet space so I just keep them in a nearby cabinet.

Jacksonville, FL


Excellent oven with decent features


I got this GE electric double oven range installed a couple of years vago , and has very decent features. It has a variety of options. You can use broil, bake, special version of bake, etc., but with this special version of bake, you are limited to a certain temperature. So if you want higher temperatures, you have to be careful which mode you press. There's also a great oven light making the food easily viewable.  There two kinds of timer where one timer is just a plain timer while the other timer turns off the oven. There's also an electrical plug-in thermometer, and although you can't use the thermometer for both ovens, you can plug-in the thermometer, and the food temperature is automatically displayed. The on-screen temperature display of the inner oven is displayed with the rising and falling of the temperature which makes it easier to determine when to put in the food. There's also extra racks included with the oven. It's got a great design and overall, it's a decent electric double oven.

Medford, MA


GE Freestanding Electric Double Oven Range

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