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GE Electric Range


Self-clean allows you to spare yourself from the trouble and effort it takes to scrub the oven interior Super-large oven capacity: Remarkably large oven interior is ideal for holidays, dinner parties and everyday family cooking TrueTemp oven system: This feature helps ensure the temperature you set is the temperature you get, with less variance, to give you the baking and broiling performance you desire QuickSet oven controls: Electronic touch pads on the control panel make controlling your oven effortless Coil heating elements: Removable elements provide even heat and are easy to clean Big hearth window: Elegant shaped window makes it easy to monitor the progress of food

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This is the range that came in the new townhouse we are renting. They put it in, brand new, right before we moved in, so we were the first people to use it. I've been using it daily for about six months now and I really like it. I've had no problems with it at all. It's a nice, white, simple, classic design. It looks very nice - not particularly fancy or really high end - but it really is a nice design and looks very clean and classic in our kitchen. The controls are up top, which I really prefer to having them in front at waist level. With them located where they are, I'm never worried that I'll accidentally bump them and change the heat setting. Plus, I can always see them and reach them easily. The dials are easy to turn and use, and just as easy to clean - which was really important to me since ranges, in general, get splattered on and require frequent cleaning. Everything on this range is really self-explanatory, easy to use, and easy to clean with just the wipe of a damp rag. I also like the display - it gives you the time bright and clearly and tells you the oven's temperature. It has a panel of push buttons as well that are very easy to clean, read, and use. The range itself works great. It heats evenly, works consistently every time, and cooks our food well. It's very easy to control the temperature, and I also like that you can easily remove the heat coils on the stove to clean the drip trays beneath. I have used this range and oven multiple times a day and have never had to have it repaired. Overall, I really like this range and am perfectly happy having it in my home.




GE Electric Range

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