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GE Electric Dryer

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Dries extra large loads


I will only buy GE dryers, because they work great, they are economical. My dryer dries extra large loads easily, so I don't have to go to the laundromat for duvets or curtains. You can control the temperature, and length of time. It also has a cool dry setting. I've had my current one for 16 years now.



A good basic dryer


This is a good dryer! I wash about 3 large loads a day and it does a good job. It's a great price and a great brand too. I do think the lint trap is a bit difficult to clean.

Ludowici ga


Fast Drying Machine!


I bought this dryer about 2 years ago when I bought my house and I am IN love with my dryer. It dries clothes fast! I hardly have to put it on the longest time, unless I am drying bulky clothes or blankets. The lint stays inside of the lint trap and doesn't seep out into the sides alike other brands. My only con was I was doing laundry one day and there was a blue pen side of the pants that I didn't see and the pen burst and colored the inside of the dryer and I couldn't clean up, it had already stained the inside, but other than that, it was an easy assemble. Just hook up the vent hose, and plug in!

Sacramento, CA


Fantastic Dryer for your Money!


Overall I feel this was a good bargain for the money. It has fair load capacity, drying ability is nice and dependable. Easy to use controls and dryer door is versitile in that you can change which way it opens. Lint trap is easy to access. Load Capacity Not as big as others as far as load capacity. But then again I don't make huge loads. It does do real well when I have blankets to dry, can do two - three at a time. When it comes to jacket for the winter this dryer does a great job and I don't have to wait to do more than 3 at a time! Performance The performance on my dryer is reliable and consistant. I have never had any issues with how it works and the duration of dry time is extremely reliable. Ease of Use Simple controls to use and easy access for them too. Door is in the front for front end loading and I find this a handy feature. Dials for temp and duration are easy to read and use. Clean up of the outer surface is a breeze. Lint trap is in the front inside and you can't help but be assured to keeping that clean each time you use the dryer. Durability Have had mine for over 6 years and no issues as of yet. Easy to move to clean underneath and the exhaust tube that goes outside is easy to clean. Not much can come in contact with the dryer so no problems with dents, just dust and dirt from daily use and of course easy to wipe clean. Design Quite functional in design, from the placement of door and lint trap to where the dryer controls are located to a nice flat surface for folding the dried laundry.



Awesome Value!


I love this dryer! After my old dryer stopped working (it was 20years old), we got this one from a local home improvement store. It's very quiet and you can even change which way the door opens with only a few simple common tools. There is a light on the inside, which at first I thought was kind of pointless, but now I find that it's convenient if I want to get a load out at night when everyone else is asleep. There are 3 heat settings: Cottons (Regular heat,) Easy Care (Medium heat), and Air Fluff (No heat). Also, there are different timers: More dry, Optimum dry, Less dry, and regular manual timed. When you open the door, the lint basket sits in plain sight at the opening of the dryer. I personally think that's the best place any dryer manufacturer can put the lint basket because you always see it right away, which reminds you to empty it. The price of this dryer is fantastic! For a GE product, I felt like a got a great value. This dryer may not have some of the bells and whistles of other dryers, but the more parts a dryer has, the higher the maintenance. Love it!

Salem, SC


GE Electric Dryer

4.8 5