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GE Electric Cooktop

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The GE cooktop performs very well. Because I was replacing my original cooktop we opted for the basic type of electric cooktop. It fit well in my cutout which was a dufficulty we were having until we found this basic model. It is easy to clean and the drip pans are very easy to take out and put in the sink to clean. Temperature Control It maintains the correct temp when I am cooking or simmering. Heat Distribution It has very even heat distribution. Durability Seeems to be made quite well and is quite sturdy Design The placement of the burners is excellent since they are seperated in such a manner that you can use different sizes of pans at the same time. Ease of Cleaning I have had no problems with cleaning it and keeping in so it looks sparkly new

Cornwall, NY


It's Been Nothing But A Headache


I had a GE built-in cooktop that I'd used for over 30 years, and I'd found it very serviceable.  The burners started to short out, and I decided that I should have something newer and more up-to-date.  I wish I'd stuck with the one that looked out-of-date and gone on having the burner wiring patched.  I had GE service it three times and finally gave up.  It was a headache to make service appointments and then find that the promised help did not appear.  I wasted a lot of time from work waiting for the "no-shows."  When I nagged until they did appear, the repair would only last a short period of time.  It is a very pretty stove, but it has only one burner than works at present.  The top is easy to clean, and the drip pans under the burners lift out easily for cleaning.  Putting them back after cleaning is not nearly as easy as they have to be plugged back into sockets.  They method of improving and reinstalling them is just too difficult.  I will have to replace it, and the new one will not be a GE.

Medfield, MA


GE Electric Cooktop

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