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GE Compact Refrigerator GMR06AAPWW

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This refrigerator is perfect for a small space or extra's


I love this little refrigerator. We actually bought it for soda and etc to get it out of the kitchen and it had to be small to fit in the utility room. Noise Level We never hear it and it does a outstanding job of keeping everything cool. Interior Organization I don't know how it could be any better. The freeze is small but it is amazing how much will fit in that small space. The door on the freezer could be heavier so it would be a tighter close and the only other negative, it is not self defrosting but it doesn't need it very often and it is quite easy. Temperature Control It stays right on target and we have not had any problems with the temperature staying on target. Ease of Cleaning Quick, easy, and not anything to it. The shelves are coated and clean easy. Durability We love this little fridge and I would replace it with another one just like it if needed. Design We love this little fridge and all of the extra space it gives. Not only does it hold a couple of cartons of soda, it works great for when you are fixing a family dinner and want to make a few dishes like J-ello salads in advance.


Peoria, AZ


Great for dorms!


A mini-fridge is an absolute necessity for dorm life! My parents bought me the GE Compact Refrigerator when I moved into my first dorm. It features 2 adjustable shelves, multiple storage departments in the door, and small freezer. It is small enough to fit in about any space and is durable! My dorm roommate and I would always have drinks, yogurt, cheese, eggs, and frozen meals in our GE Compact Refrigerator. There was more room in it than you would expect. You can adjust the height of the shelves quickly, which is nice. The storage in the door includes a section for sodas, and a section that is perfect for fitting a half gallon of milk or juice. There are two other separate storage sections on the door as well that fit smaller items. The little wire guards that keep your products from sliding off the door shelves is pretty flimsy and would sometimes fall off. My complaint about this mini-fridge is the freezer. It is SO tiny. We would be able to fit 3 frozen dinners in the freezer at most. We basically just stopped using the freezer because it was useless. Overall, I highly suggest the GE Compact Refrigerator. It is great for dorms!




Refrigerator Review


I bought this small refrigerator for work and it is very good. The only problem is that now the whole office wants to use it. Overall, I would say that this refrigerator does everything it is supposed to do and is a good deal. I like the color and the design and it fits neatly in my office. It also looks professional. Noise Level I never hear this referigator so it is very quiet, unlike my main refrigerator which wakes me up sometimes at night when it cuts on and off. Interior Organization It is small but I can fit most things I want in it for the office. It can hold softdrinks and small milk and my lunch. Temperature Control This seems to work well. I just set it on medium and let it go. Ease of Cleaning You do have to remove the trays for cleaning but it is not that bad. Durability I have had it for some time and it seems pretty durable. It is still working. Design I like the size and the color and the design. It looks professional enough to go in my office and not look too strange.




Works, but not that well


Okay, so the good thing about this fridge is that it works. It keeps my food cold and prevents spoiling. But, I have not been happy about this refrigerator at all. This is the only refrigerator I have because I have a tiny apartment. So, I have to keep all my foods in it -- frozen, fresh, etc. That's where the first problem is. I have to keep the fridge colder than normal to maintain freezing temperatures in the freezer. Because of this, but whole refrigerator is too cold and slush can form in the non-freezer compartment. Very annoying. The second problem is that it loves to form frost. I have to defrost my refrigerator about once a month in order to prevent a build-up. I had left it for a few months without defrosting it and ice sheets two inches thick formed. I was told that this might be a manufacturer defect and that I should contact customer service to have it fixed, but it seems like the cost to fix it would be more than buying a new fridge (probably a different model). Oh well.


Brooklyn, NY


Very versatile


The GE Compact Refrigerator GMR06AAPWW is used mostly in dorm rooms and small apartments, but we have one in the common area of the second floor of our house. It is dependable because it has not broken after a few years, is small enough to fit in a corner, and keeps food and drinks cold. It may seem silly, indulgent, and a bit over the top to have a refrigerator in the upstairs sleeping area. This is far from the truth. It is very practical, especially when someone has thirsty or sick kids in the middle of the night. The freezer section of this frig is very small which is fine, since we need the space for cold items only. During sleepover parties, this frig is very handy. Most of all, it is a GE made appliance which means no maintenance problems.


Fairfield, CT


Loving our little GE Compact Refrigerator!!!!


We needed some extra room for our refrigerator items at our house, for cold drinks mostly, so we decided to get this GE compact refrigerator a few months ago. This was not too cheap, but we felt that the GE is a good quality and has a good name, so we went with this one. It actually holds a few twelve packs of pop, or about eighteen waterbottles, and a few other small items. We put it in the garage, to be out of the way, yet it comes in handy in the garage, because on the hot summer days, we do not have to run in and out of the house for a cold drink. This really comes in quite handy when we are doing our lawn or gardening work, because it is so nice not to track the grass and dirt into the house. This is a good refrigerator that keeps our drinks ice cold. I think that this is a good buy for someone that wants a little extra fridge space in the garage, or even in the office or in the basement. This is also good for the camper!


Crestline, OH


compact fridge!


compact fridge is the best. they are incomplete though, unless they have a freezer compartment that works properly. I cannot stress enough how important this is because not only will you be without a freezer, but usually mini fridge's with only cooling properties (and no freezing properties) don't get that cold and sometimes the food even spoils! this is only based on my experience, but I am telling you the truth, spend a few extra bucks and get your self a nice compact fridge like this one. it won't let you down, it'll keep your food nice and cool, and you really can't loose. generally GE is a good company and trust worthy so I would say what do you have to loose, invest in this fridge today guys!


Wantagh, NY


GE mini fridge


I was in the market for a mini fridge awhile back for my man cave and was not too sure on which one to get. Well i did not have to make up my mind because i got this as a gift for my birthday. I just needed a small little fridge that could get the job done when the fellas come over for football or movies, and this did the trick. Its not the nicest or biggest mini fridge out there but it is pretty nice and big. Its really nothing to show off, just an average mini fridge. I pretty much only store beer, soda and maybe some dip so if your trying to get this fridge and think its going to hold your grocery food, it not going to really work out. Overall if your looking for a decent mini fridge at a decent price and only need it for drinks this is a good fridge to take a look at.


Hazel Crest, IL


Good Dorm Fridge


I bought this fridge when I moved into a college dorm, and used it for two years until I moved into an apartment with a full size fridge.  Throughout my entire tenure in the dorms, this fridge never let me down.  It kept all of my food cold, but did not freeze anything that was not in the freezer.  I loved the drink rack in the door.  It holds a little more than a six pack of soda, and if you buy a 12 pack you can normally fit the rest in the other door shelves.  the door is also cool because I believe you can switch which side it is on (though I never did).  The freezer compartment was rather small, and very prone to icing over to the point that you couldn't put anything in it (or get out what was in it).  This was really the only downside to the fridge, and the reason I took off 1 star.  Now that I'm not using it my dad has taken it and is using it 24/7 as a beer fridge in his shed so its still going strong after 2 more years of use.  Overall I would say that we are all very happy.


Pamplin, VA


This GE Compact Refrigerator is quite cool!


This GE Compact Refrigerator is quite perfect for keeping the stuff you want to eat or drink near to you. I love the small size of it, it fits perfectly in my room so I can just grab a quick drink or snack right in my bedroom instead of having to walk all the way to the kitchen. There's a lot of space inside so it holds quite a few stuff. It has some shelves and other features which makes it great for storing your food and drinks in there. It is very long lasting as i've had it for a few years now and it is still working. It also saves energy  so my light bill isn't that high because of my laziness of not wanting to get up and go to the big fridge in the kitchen. It is very perfect for keeping medicine near you that need to go in the fridge that is why I also bought one for my grandmother  as she is elderly and can't really move up and down that much so this mini fridge is perfect for her to have everything she needs close by in case of emergencies. I think this is a great compact fridge.


Fort Lauderdale, FL


GE Compact Refrigerator GMR06AAPWW

4.2 10