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GE Cafe Built-In Dishwasher CDWT280VSS

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GE Cafe built-in dishwasher


I purchased the GE Cafe Built-In Dishwasher as part of the GE Cafe set of appliances! It's a fabulous dishwasher with no drawbacks that I can think of! One of my favorite things about this dishwasher is how quiet it is. It is one of the quietest dishwashers I have ever used which is great for open floor plans so it won't interrupt any TV watching in the adjoining room! I also really like how much space this dishwasher saves. It fits nicely built into the cabinet and doesn't jut out further then the cabinet. The function buttons are also on the top inside of the dishwasher so all you see from the outside is a sleek stainless steel finish! This dishwasher also cleans my dishes very well. The dish washing detergent is easy to put in and it has several different functions such as normal clean and deep clean and several different delayed timings. It's great at getting all the residue off of my dishes even my heavy pots and pans. I would say that this holds about the average number of dishes as a standard dishwasher but the holders are well spaced out for all different types of dishes and everything fits into it well. Overall, this is a fabulous dishwasher that cleans very well and I would definitely recommend it!



Wonderful Machine


I loved this so much that when I replaced the ancient one in my rental property I opted not to rotate this machine into the rental! Noise Level Maybe I'm spoiled and while this one is quiet I think it could be quieter. Cleaning Time I'm not in a big hurry for my dishes to get cleaned. I'd rather they are clean when I go to empty the machine Loading Flexibility This is the primary reason I kept this machine (while aware of all its other features). I like that I can get LARGE items in the bottom level easily. When I went looking at other new machines, I felt this machine did things better. Performance At times I have some dishes that aren't quite clean. Just not sure why this happens. Design I like the style of this machine and the interior features. If I could change one thing it would be the single cleaning "hatch". I feel it needs to be mid-level on the door in order to clear some of the larger items you load on the bottom level. Durability So far so good with this machine.

Austin, TX


Does the job!


I am happy with this dishwasher. Adjustable height and racks are very convenient. The steam feature is great for sanitizing. It is beautiful to look at. Does a great job on pots and pans. I personally find the sound of a operating dishwasher kind of soothing,I have to really strain my ears to hear this one though!

Galesville, WI


GE Cafe Built-In Dishwasher CDWT280VSS

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