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GE Built-in Dishwasher GDWT300RBB

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Very cheap and poor quality


This dishwasher came with my house. It is very noisy, does not wash very good and basically wastes a bunch of water. Even with the "best" dishwashing soaps, it still does not clean very well and I end up having to hand wash the dishes anyways.



good dishwasher.


this is a dishwasher that came with my apartment, but i like it alot. it has a low water wastage cycle, and its very capacious so i dont need to do many loads to get the dishes done, i can just load it all and do one at night and its ready for the next day. it cleans the dishes well, and really makes my life very easy. the high power jets are great for getting the grease out of hard to scrub pots. i would recommend to do a light rinse on very greasy things beforehand since it could leave a little film on glassware if you wash it with the greasy pots. otherwise, it works pretty good. i wish it was stainless steel in appearance, but hey, its not my house so its ok.

Augusta, ME


GE Built-in Dishwasher GDWT300RBB

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