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GE Built-in Dishwasher

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This GE dishwasher is fine, nothing amazing, but satisfactory.


We have had this dishwasher for 3 1/2 years now. We have 2 adults and 2 kids in our family, so the dishwasher has seen its share of different washing situations, everything from bottles to hard crusted on snack plates. It seems to work fine, nothing great, but especially in the first couple years it was fine. There are holes in the spinning water dispensers that can get clogged very easily, even with things you would never think would get in the small hole. So if your dishwasher seems to be doing a less than adequate job, that's the first place to check. It is supposed to be quiet, and I think it is all right. It is not super loud. There are not too many settings on this, no sanitizing or anything, but it does give you the option for hot wash or not and hot dry or not as well as light, normal, and heavy settings. I would recommend it as an affordable option. Noise Level Not bad. Cleaning Time Takes about an hour to wash and an hour to dry. Loading Flexibility Fits most dishes. Average size Performance Works fine, if cleaned on a semi-regular basis. Design Nothing fancy, but works. Durability Has lasted us for 3 years so far.

Lexington, MO


tremendous dishwasher


I seldom give a top review, on principal, but I have to make an exception. This washer is unusually good. We needed one for our new home and we checked on line and in stores based on price, ratings and specs. I believe we did very well. This dishwasher looks great!! It even has a stainless steal interior, which we really wanted, to go with the rest of the kitchen. It far exceeded the high priced options the builder gave us to choose from. We have not used it long but the loads we have done have been attractive. It is quiet and we don't have to wait for company to leave before we run a load. It also seems larger than my old dishwasher. Lots of space on the bottom rack for large pots and pans. The display panel is very easy to understand. Performance Problems with settings and making changes

Mount Juliet, TN


The GEGDWF1 dishwasher is for me


One night I thought, wow, the dishwasher sure is quiet these days! Come to find out it wasn't working anymore and I didn't figure that out until it was too late. I unloaded all the dishes and washed them by hand, then got online immediately to research all the different dishwashers I could find. I didn't want to spend a bunch of money but I did want one that cleaned really well. My old dishwasher didn't clean well at all. I noticed this GE dishwasher was priced well and it has a great stainless interior. Another thing that really sold me was the large room inside. You can fit all your pots and pans in it plus tons of dishes and glasses. It is one of the best built in dishwashers I had seen online for the price. It works really well too, and all the dishes and pans come out really clean!

Dallas, TX


Scratchs easily


I got this ge dishwasher in my apartment and one thing I noticed immediately was the scratches in the front of it.  There are lots of scratches and while they could have been the product of a negligent parent ignoring their scratch-happy child, I think more than likely it just is not proofed very well against that sort of thing. On to performance, for the most part my dishes come out clean as a whistle, but the occasional glasses have residue or something that makes me want to always re-wash my glasses before using them, so I am not sure if that is the case with my water supply or my dishwasher. Also chunks of food sometimes get stuck on and come out dried, which is no huge deal but it would be nice if I had to do less pre-washing of dishes before putting them in to be cleaned.  Overall it is about average, I could live without it if it broke but I would be thrilled if for some reason my landlord had to replace it.  Not really recommended.

Santa Monica, CA




My dishwasher crashed, and we needed a dishwasher fast.  I ordered on impulse, going off price, ratings.  and specs.  I believe I did very well.  This dishwasher looks great!!  It even has a stainless steal interior, which I really wanted, but did not expect.  Off the bat, I did three loads. Wonderful, quite, and attractive.  We can even run a load during a party without bothering anyone.  It also seems larger than my old dishwasher.  Lots of space on the bottom rack for large pots and pans.  The display panel is very easy to understand.  I only wish it had a progress light, so I knew exactly when my dishes would be done.

Minneapolis, MN


GE Built-in Dishwasher

4.0 5