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GE Built-in Dishwasher

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A wonderful dishwasher


we bought this dishwasher over a year ago for our old residence,i really enjoyed using this dishwasher.The dishes always were clean and the dishwasher was a very quiet operating machine. The only problem we had was with our countertop in our mobile home,the countertop was very weak so if you leaned on the counter it would push onto the dishwasher affecting the seal on the door and the dishwasher would stop.But other than that I would definately by this dishwasher again for our new house also.

Macungie, PA


awesome love it .


This dishwasher rocks it does all the things that my old one didnt. as in clean with out  leaking or not cleaning  I would highly recommend this dish washer to any one. its awesome it even has light on it telling you when the dishes are done cleaning. its easy for my 8yr old to load and unload. being i started to get him trained to do dishes early.. I like that that its white just like my other kitchen appliances. it has 2 different holder for silverware and lids which is help ful and they are easy to remove too

Hugo, MN


Keeps my kitchen cleaning time efficient!


Our old dishwasher went out about a year ago.  It was just leaving food all stuck on and my baby bottles were all foggy and didn't look clean at all. We looked into several dishwasher models before going with this General Electric Quietpower 3 model.  It has worked wonderfully.  We run 2 loads a day some days and it always does a great job.  Dishes are clean and not spotted. This dishwasher is also fairly quiet for what a good job it does.  I do not notice it on unless there is absolutely no other noise in the house.  I also like the set up of the racks.  The top rack is at a good height to put in those taller cups or bowls that aren't bottom-rack safe, but there is still plenty of room at the bottom.  The utensil basket is also great.  It came with snap-down covers on the sides so that I can put in items I don't want to get lost like those troublesome inserts to my kid's sippy cups. It also seems to use the soap and rinse agents efficiently as well.

Round Rock, TX


GE Built-in Dishwasher

5.0 3