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Built-In Dishwashers
GE Built-in Dishwasher

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quiet and effective


For years I've been hearing that you can save water by not rinsing your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. Even after I got my new GE I was still skeptical and it was very hard to break the habit. But it's really true. I don't rinse my dishes anymore. I just scoop out the big obvious chunks of food but all the rest- ketchup, bits of cereal etc. just goes right in the dishwasher. We also have pretty hard well water. But so far so good. The dishwasher is very quiet and holds a lot of dishes. It also has a lot of ways to arrange the dishes and ways to fold the tines over for larger items without bending the tines. It's been great for our family of 5. We run it at least once a day. Also love the different option, pots & pans, steam etc.

Akron, OH


Stainless - maybe --maybe not


We have the GE stainless steel diswasher and have had a decent amount of issues with it. After two years, it barely works without me basically cleaning everything by hand and scrubbing before i put it in which seems to defeat the point of having a dishwasher. Also, while cleaning out the cabinet one day I went to go put a forman grill on the counter and it slipped. It put a big scratch in the dishwaster that wasnt very deep but showed that it was white underneath. You would think it would be stainless through, especially considering what you have to pay for a dishwasher. It does tend to take a while to clean everything, and like i said before hasn't been cleaning it to begin with. I would have liked a sanitize function also that it does not seem to have. All in all, to say the least, I am extremely unimpressed. I would consider going another route if I were to purchase another dishwasher.

Manahawkin, NJ


This GE Dishwasher is Cool


About two years ago when we moved into our new house, we bought a stainless steel GE Dishwasher and it has been amazing. It is stylish and makes the kitchen look so good. It matches everything in my house and it is just so cool. The only thing that is even close to being a problem is the fact that when you turn it on you have to have hot water running in the sink in order to have the water inside of the dishwasher be hot too. It simple for anybody to figure out how to use. Most of the dishes in the dishwasher come clean so there really is nothing to do except take the dishes out of the dishwasher, dry them off, and put them away. Make sure all of the dishes in the dishwasher are placed on a stand because if they are not then they will move around in there. The water on the inside of the dishwasher is very very hot and the dishes may sometime break if they are taken out right away. I would reccommend this dishwasher to anybody.

Macon, GA


One Of The Best Dishwashers I Have Ever Owned


My husband purchased this Ge dishwasher for me when we moved into our new house to go with the range that was already installed.  It has both pros and cons but overall is the best one i have owned.  My favorite thing about it is that it has very nice organization inside.  Other dishwashers that i have owned seemed like the had wasted space and there was no organization with how the racks were placed.  This one can use almost every inch of room and still get everything just as clean as if i were to hand washe them.  I also love the sleek and modern look it gives my kitchen.  It has tons of options to wash the dishes, lots of washing cycles and lots of drying cycles.  The cons of this dishwasher a very small.  One is that the cycle for the regular basic wash and basic dry take a while.  The only other con is that it gets dirty on the outside very easily and is a bit hard to clean.  Overall the pros outweigh the cons .

Reno, NV


GE Built-in Dishwasher

4.0 4