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GE Built-in Dishwasher

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Flimsy Racks, NOT good for ADA requirements


After having hardwood floors installed in a pre-existing kitchen, we had to purchase an ADA (American Disabilities Act) qualified dishwasher (so that the dishwasher would fit into the spot in the kitchen, which -- after installing hardwood floors -- was 3/4" shorter than previously). This dishwasher met this expectation -- yes, it fit into the spot. Further, it was the best-priced ADA dishwasher available at the time. So for fit and price, high marks. For usability, however, I give it very low marks. The upper rails (that hold the upper rack) continually fall off, because the wheels that support these rails, allowing both the rails and the top rack to be pulled in and out of the dishwasher fall off. The result: the top rack falls off the rails and if you don't catch it in time, it falls onto the lower rack (which may or may not have dishes in it!). This is more than frustrating and also difficult to deal with when the top rack still has dishes in it. I don't know how anyone with a disability would be able to handle this situation as it requires quite a bit of arm strength and maneuverability to catch the falling top rack. Another problem we've encountered is that the wheels on the bottom rack have broken off. The bottom rack no longer rolls in and out of the dishwasher itself. We have to -- whether it is empty or full of dishes -- pick up the bottom rack and place it into the dishwasher. Again, I'm not sure that someone with a disability would be able to do this. Compared to these two problems, the next ones are minor. The soap dispenser does not regularly open automatically as it should. We often open the dishwasher after it has run to find the soap dispenser closed, with a blob of now hard dishwasher detergent stuck in it. Our work-around is to fill the soap dispenser, but not close it, so that the soap spills into the base of the dishwasher and is swished around during the entire wash cycle -- vs. being in the soap dispenser, which opens at a specifically designated stage of the wash cycle. The dishwasher cleans fine, but not great. It is somewhat quiet, but not whisper quiet. While I think that the interior is smaller than a standard dishwasher, I find that the space it does offer is enough for our family of 5. In summary, because of the continual usability problems -- racks falling off, soap dispenser not opening -- problems that happen nearly daily, I would not recommend this dishwasher to anyone. It's simply too difficult and frustrating to deal with.



Not the Best, but Good Enough


We bought a GE about seven years ago and it is still going strong. I have had people mention that it is very quiet when running, which is a plus. We did not want a loud running dishwasher. We run our dishwasher at least once per day and with a family of six that means it is able to hold a lot, especially since I cook dinner every night. I do like that the shelves are adjustable and it is roomy inside. We did have to perform one repair since a part did break and the dishwasher leaked. My husband was able to find the part and repair it himself though, whew! Another downfall, is that the holes in the fans get clogged. We use an unraveled paper clip to clean it out. We did realize that the clogging did not become an issue until our water softener broke. We feel as though the hard water plays a part with the clogs. Unfortunately, things, as a whole, just aren't made with the same quality. So when comparing apples to apples, this dishwasher will do the job at a lower cost.

Red Hill, PA


This dishwasher made us stop using dishwashers... period.


The dishwasher is 3 years old. It washes the dishes, is a bit loud, but has a lot of nice qualities like delay start, child lock for the buttons, and it has a nice large tub inside. Ours specifically is stainless steel inside and black on the outside, otherwise same model. Our issue is it has never completely cleaned the dishes. It leaves little crumbs stuck to things, no matter how much we wash them before loading the dishwasher. If I have to completely wash every dish, what then is the point of a dishwasher? My son and I have celiac disease, meaning the crumbs of gluten stuck to our silverware for example, make us sick for days. I have written to GE, who says no dishwasher can ever get every single item perfectly clean every time, unless I venture into commercial dishwashers. I wish I could afford those! Sadly, after this fiasco we have decided handwashing really isn't that bad. Noise Level A bit noisy, but it's running water through it so I didn't expect it to be too quiet! Loading Flexibility This washer has tons of space in it! Durability Other than the cleaning issue our dishwasher still looks brand new after three years of use by five people!

Beverly Hills, CA


A little GE leak


We had had our GE Dishwasher for over a year now and have loved it. It is quiet has just enough options for me and doean a nice job cleaning. This past weekend i noticed the ceramic tile and grout in my kitchen were they were soaked. After waiting all weekend a plumber came and said there is a faulty valve on the bottom of our dishwaher. No big problem to fix and not expensive either but it was a slow drip that built up until in spilled over and went under the sub flooring and came up through the tile and grout. The reason we purchased this particular washer was the price was great and we knew it would not raise our water bill. The pnly thing I do not love about the dishwahser is the fact that it does not dry completely, other than that we have no problems until now. With all that said I have enjoyed this dish washer but I think it is really worth checking into to make sure this is not a flaw with particular dish washer and not just a one time disaster. Careful shopping everyone.

Shelby, NC


Love it, cleans like a dream!


I purchased this GE dishwasher to replace our 21 year old GE dishwasher which finally just got too tired. I was extremely happy to find an Engery Star rating on such an affordable machine. This dishwasher does a super job and after owning such an old machine it's great how much more room I have. The tall tub is great, there is so much more room on the bottom for taller items and I love the silverware holder. When using my old dishwasher it was more of a sanitizer than anything else because you had to almost wash the dishes before you put them in. This new GE does a wonderful job cleaning and is great getting off the food that my husband always misses when rinsing his plate. I wish it did a little bit better job drying but since unloading is my husband and kids job it doesn't really affect me much - ha ha! Love this dishwasher, wonderful product for a great price.

Columbus, OH


I really love my 24" GE Built-in Dishwasher


When we had our home built in 2007, this is the dishwasher that was installed. I use it at least once a day and it always gets the dishes and pots/pans spotless, even if I don't rinse them. It has several settings which are easy to use. It has a jet dry holder that you can see how much is left for the rinse cycle. I only need to fill it about once every couple months and it makes my dishes sparkling clean. I couldn't ask for a better dishwasher and have already recommended it to some friends who are haveing a home built now. It is a great dishwasher and would want no other kind.  

Navarre, OH


Get what you pay for


which is OK because I did not pay that much for it.  It was on sale at an appliance store plus had a 10% discount for the holidays.  The interior is made of rather cheap plastic and will assume that it will not last very long but again, at this price (which is roughly half of what stronger brands are going for), I can buy another one in 5 years and be at the same place.  I have had generally fair luck with GE apliances as well.

East Northport, NY


Great buy for the price


As a mom of three kids I was devastated when my dishwasher broke a couple of months ago. Washing dishes for three kids takes more time out of my day than I have. When I went looking this dishwasher had all of the bells and whistles that I needed with a great price tag.  With a small child at home who likes to go into the dishwasher it was really important for me to find one that had a locking system on it which this one did. It also allowed me to do delayed washing which are also really convenient.  It wasn't until this dishwasher was installed that I realized that my old dishwasher was SOOO LOUD!. This GE dishwasher is extremely quite and efficient.  My dishes have never been cleaner and best of all there is not spots all over them. This dishwasher is even able to clean pots and pans on the lower level. I did find that it does not handle the dishwasher tablets as well so we do have to use liquid dishwashing soap. Overall great buy!

Deland, FL


It's Ok


  GE GLDA690MWW / GLDA690MBB 24" Built-in Dishwasher -  The dishwasher on full cycle does a very good job.  Occasionally, there is a soap stain problem - but I'm not sure if that is due to the dishwasher or the placement of the dishwasher in my kitchen.   The trap door does not accept all dishwashing tablets - some of the tablets are just too big for the dishwasher. I have found that it is better to use a liquid or gel dishwashing solution.  My biggest complaint with this dishwasher - and again, this could be placement of the dishwasher and not so much the dishwasher in and of itself, is that the door does not shut properly. After we first purchased this dishwasher, the door shut fine, but after a few months we had to push hard on teh door in order for it to shut tightly. The other complaint I have is that there does seem to be a limit to the amount of dishes you can stack in the washer. Overall, it is an ok dishwasher and I would recommend, but would let people know about the 2 issues we have had with the washer.

Evans City, PA


on the whole satisfying


We bought this dishwasher as a store model.  One of the best features is that you can delay the start of the washer, and also you can lock the buttons so that only parents can operate the dishwasher.  i have a three year old who loves to touch the buttons.  as long as i set the buttons to lock, she can touch the buttons and not activate the dishwasher.  i always use this feature when i am running a load of dishes so that my toddler does not stop the dishwasher from running.  it is truly the only way i can get the dishes done in my house.  it has easy operation.  the dishes don't come out spotless, however, unless i i clean them some before putting them in.  i don't know if more expensive dishwashers do better cleaning, i've never tried.  but no matter what dishwasher i've had, i've had to clean off the dishes so that nothing is stuck on them before placing in the dishwasher.  on the whole this is a good product.

Valley Cottage, NY


GE Built-in Dishwasher

3.7 20