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GE Built-in Dishwasher

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Leaks if multiple washes are run in a row


We wanted a good dishwasher, so bought one of the most expensive GE profiles - model PDW9980.  What we got was a dishwasher that has a design flaw.  There is a vent on the bottom front where the dryer blower exhausts air.  The filter pad gets wet and drips after 2 - 3 washes in a row.  At the same time, moisture builds up in the display.  GE repairman have tried to fix, but no luck.  Many visits. We finally figured out when it will leak (i.e. after parties and on weekends), so we put a cup underneath.   Totally amazing that you can pay this much for a dishwasher and get poorly tested piece of junk.

Sunnyvale, CA


We own a profile PDW9980 - what a piece of Junk - avoid GE


**Pros:** we like the smart dispense system, was quiet when new**Cons:** Poor quality, very poor customer service, keep failing, guaranteed trouble. We bough this unit 16 month ago. The key board failed twice and need replacement. It keep failing on the same problem (keypad), it is now out of warranty and GE is charging us for every repair. The customer service have been horrible to deal with. It took weeks to schedule each appointment and the Technician is far from being the sharp. The noise level was very good at first. It came down to point that the purge pump was rattling the entire house. Technician failed to repair and I had to do it myself. (The pump was improperly hang). We also have monogram cook top and down draft. We had problem with every units and needed repairs several times. It is clear that GE appliance quality is down the drain and the customer service is just awful. I recommend to avoid their product at all cost. GE is just asking for more class action suits! I am ready for it.

Palmetto, GA


So Quiet!


When we first had this dishwasher installed, and I ran it, I worried that it wasn't working because I couldn't hear it.  Nope - it's just THAT quiet.  This dishwasher is fantastic - and is such a huge step up from the one we replaced it with.  It has "stem holders" so we can put in our wine glasses.  And a "glass" setting that leaves all the glasses sparking - no spots or "glaze".  I also like being able to do the "timed start" so it can go while we're sleeping...even though there's no reason to worry about noise anymore! I like that it beeps when the cleaning is done, but it needs to STOP beeping after a certain amount of time - sometimes you just can't get to it, and the beeping can be annoying.  I wish it was a bit roomier to hold more "bulky" items - like several cookie sheets or other tall items. Oh-  I should mention there is never any food left in the bottom! We had a problem w/that in our last dishwasher.  This has a built in disposal that gets rid of everything. Clean dishes - and clean dishwasher - every time. 

Lees Summit, MO


GE makes lousy dishwashers


What a piece of doo - doo. We have VERY hot water from our solar hot water heater ( 205 degrees Farinheit) and it still leaves food on the dishes. We have tried all kinds of detergents and we always pre-rinse-- which you should not have to do. Our neighbors have a Maytag and it gets really hard stuff clean with no rinsing. The GE just is not up to the task. I would NOT recommend them at all.  

Saint Petersburg, FL


Refuse to purchase another General Electric..


We bought GE profile appliances along with the monogram cooktop for newly built home last year. The dishwasher never quite cleaned the dishes right from the beginning. After a few months, we noticed that we should surely be out of detergent by now, but it was still almost full! Called GE and they came out in February and said our smart dispenser motor didn't work properly and replaced it. Worked wonderfully at cleaning dishes after that! Until now--6 months later it quit dispensing the detergent again. We are waiting for another technician to look at it. We follow ALL the recommendations and only used the same detergent every time--no mixing. We wash a full load every 2-3 days. The water hardness is set properly as well. Will we have to deal with this again in another 6 months when there is no warranty? I believe this technology is faulty. We paid a premium price expecting a premium dishwasher and it does not work properly. Other reviewers that said their dishwasher does not clean well--check the detergent usage--I bet the smart dispense does not work properly.

Speonk, NY


GE Built-in Dishwasher

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