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Bottom-Freezer Refrigerators
GE Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator GDSC0KCXWW

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Convenient and unique!


The overall convenience of the multi-level slide and store basket system of this bottom freezer is excellent. It features three full-extension baskets giving superb storage flexibility. Interior Organization The two humidity controlled drawers are great additions that allows finding stuffs at a single glance possible. Ease of Cleaning Overall, it is very easy to clean even though not a lot required cleaning a fridge. It also quite convenient to clean with any of the household products I use to clean other items at home. Design The unique part of the design is the LED light as it does not start with full power immediately, which is very costly and consumes too much energy. It can be best described as a dimmer that goes dim to bright.






Very good freezer


San Jose ca


One of the best bottom freezers.


I really like the overall convenience of the multi-level slide and store basket system. It includes three full-extension baskets which provide an awesome storage flexibility. Noise Level I don't notice very much if any noise coming out of it which is nice because most freezers are quite loud and somewhat annoying. Interior Organization I love how both of the humidity-controlled drawers make for fantastic additions and let finding things at a glance possible. Ease of Cleaning Obviously there's not a whole lot involved with cleaning a freezer but for what it is I would say overall it's quite easy to clean and it stays clean. I'm able to use any products I would normally use for cleaning other household items so it's convenient. Design I think the LED lighting is very unique. I am very impressed that it doesn't start off at full power right away which is costly and consumes unnecessary energy. It's much like a dimmer going from dim to bright.




Great Refrigerator but the bottom freezer is a bit small


We recently moved and had to buy a new refrigerator.  My husband is very tall and he hates bending over for soda on the bottom shelf or to get veggies out of the crisper drawers.  He insisted on a bottom freezer and we have always had good luck with GE appliances so we decided to get that brand.  I have never had a bottom freezer before, so I was a bit hesitant.  I love the refrigerator top part because everything is within easy view and you dont have to bend down and leftovers dont get jammed in the back because everything is conveniently at eye level.  The only negative thing is the freezer.  You have to bend way down to rummage through the contents and there is a LOT less room then our old freezer on the top.  You have to be very creative in how you stack the frozen food to get as much in as possible.  I think we will have to end up buying a chest freezer, or we just wont be able to stock up on frozen food.  So I would recommend this refrigerator, just be aware that you wont have much freezer space.


Beaver Dam, WI


GE Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator GDSC0KCXWW

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