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GE Adora Side-by-Side Refrigerator DSHF9NGYWW

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I will never buy this product again


Refrigerator looks very attractive, but operation is noisy, compounded by several costly repairs, all occurring just as the warranty expires.

Mexico Beach, Florida


GE Adora Refrigerator - Looks good, holds a lot


We purchased our GE Adora refrigerator about 2 and a half years ago when we re-did our kitchen.  We also purchased the stove, dishwasher, and built-in microwave in the Adora series, as well.  I really like the look of this fridge.  It's the GRAPHITE finish, which can best be described as charcoal gray in color.  It's a cross between stainless steel and black.  We didn't want either of those mainly because of the fingerprint issues.  Definitely don't want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen cleaning freaking appliances! Anyways, this fridge has a sleek exterior  It's a side-by-side and it's huge. I measured to make sure it would fit in the space. It's 25.4 cubic ft. in size, which was the exact same size of the fridge it replaced, yet it BARELY fit in the space. There is seriously not an inch to spare. It's easy to clean since all of the shelving/bins/drawers are removable in both the refigerator and freezer.  Refrigerator and freezer settings are easily accessible and changed via the push bottons located on the left front-door ice/water dispenser.  There's water/crushed ice/cubed ice choices.  I'm a little bummed that the 'beverage center' option wasn't available when we got ours.  That's the little flip down door on the right-side door that's oh-so convenient for grabbing drinks just inside the door and setting a cup on the flipped down portion without having to open the entire door.  I love this option and was used to it since we had it on the fridge that this Adora replaced.  Apparently, it wasn't available at the time  and came out just months after we got ours...shoot! We really like our ***'beverage center'-less*** GE Adora model in the GRAPHITE finish, though!

Bel Air, MD


Tons of room, very convienent


I have had my GE Adora refrigerator now for a while now and it is great. The slide out shelving and adjustable shelves in the door are great for cleaning. The remove very easily to wash and go back in with no troubles. There are so many ways to adjust these shelves that you can get alot of stuff in there. Ours came with four bins but we didn't have the need for four so we took one out and we have plenty of room now. The door shelves has one wide enough for a gallon of milk. The freezer, even though this is a side by side, has plenty of room expect if you want to purchase a large frozen pizza. You can fit it in but a shelf has to be empty so you can tilt the pizza. The pull out basket on the bottom is good for bagged vegges. And the shelves in the door in the freezer also adjust and are good for ice cream sandwiches, popsicles, etc. for the kids to find easily. The only problem I have with the refrigerator is the water pressure isn't very good, but it could be a problem on the house end and not the fridge's fault. But it takes a few minutes to fill a cup. The ice maker has crushed or full cubes. And my favorite thing is that you can lock the ice maker/water so little toddlers can't just reach up and push the button to dispense water or ice anytime they want for fun. Also there is an alarm so if the fridge door is open to long it will go off warning you. This feature is also great if you have kids. Overall I would recommend this refrigerator.

Carmi, IL


GE Adora Side-by-Side Refrigerator DSHF9NGYWW

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