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GE Adora Freestanding Electric Range

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Great Stove


I bought this stove years ago and have never had a problem with it. The varible power burners are great. I use the big burner a lot to boil a quick bowl of water or to make a quick instant noodle meal when I am hungry at night. The outside of the stove is very easy to clean. The digital oven controls work pretty good as well. Never really got a chance to try the time as I had to give to stove up. One complaint I do have is that when using the oven a lot of heat comes out through the top, but that is probably true for any stove. Being stainless steel, the stove is very easy to clean. The stove is really realiable and it lights instantly. I have never had a single problem with it and I wish I still had it.

San Francisco, CA


The GE Adora Stove is a great price for the money.


I bought the GE Adora Stove when my other one just stopped working. I don't use the oven a whole lot, maybe two times a week, but I use the stove top every single day. I am very impressed with how fast it can heat a pot of water to boiling, the oven heats up quick and cooks excellent, i never have to put casseroles or cakes back in for a longer period of time than the directions suggest! The sleek look fits in to almost any kitchen, and the easy clean oven is just that: easy to clean. All I have to do is remove the wire racks, spray in some oven cleaner, let it sit for just a bit, and it cleans up great! The only issue that I have with it is sometimes when I set the baking timer if I put my finger on it and hold the timer down, it will go to 20, then go down to zero and beep, and I have to start over. To compensate for this I have to slowly do five to ten minutes of bake time at a time, then stop for just a second, then keep going, if i do that too fast it goes back to zero again too! May be just a weird glitch in my oven, but its there so I thought I would mention it! For the price the GE Adora Stove is definetly worth it!

Grand Rapids, MI


GE Adora Ceramic Top Electric Stove - looks good, works well


The GE Adora ceramic top stove is a really good-looking appliance to have in your kitchen. We've had ours for a little over two and a half years and it still looks good...unless you look closely at the ceramic top...and you're a perfectionist like me. That whole electiric stove with the smooth-top-thingee has my panties in a wad (figuratively, people!) and is a total conundrum for me.  Our house is totally electric, so we had to go with an electric stove.  Therefore, we had two choices -- the funky circular elements that stick into the holes on the surface of the stove or the sleek ceramic tops that are a pain in the arse to keep sleek (read: clean) and, more importantly, scratch-free. I'm like the "stove Nazi" in my house as I explain ad-nauseum to anyone who cares to listen at this point that if they cannot use a simple freakin' paper towel and water to clean the surface of my stove, they need to leave it be.  I'll do it.  This is after two point five years, folks.  My husband got the point a while ago and just leaves it for me. I have absolutely no problem with that since I know it won't be done correctly (read:scratch-free) unless I do it myself.  My mother, on the other hand, is without a clue -- after two point five years.  She still grabs the dish towel with all its associated food and crap particles and commences to "clean" my ceramic-top stove. Seriously. Apparently, she's from the old school and just can't believe you can clean something with simply a paper towel and water.  I mean, really, anyone with any commen sense knows you need the obligatory kitchen dish towel to clean any and every kitchen appliance ***dripping sarcasm*** no matter what the 'maintenance instructions' say about keeping the surface in tip-top condition and **SCRATCH-FREAKIN' FREE...** I digress... Other than the ceramic-top issue, I really like the stove and all its cool features.  Oven operation is totally digital and push-button.  Stove-top controls are along the back of the unit and totally out of the way of little fingers.  The self-cleaning function works well but scares the heck out of me since the oven get extremely hot and is out of commission for a substantial amount of time.  I've only used this function once.  Two of the four burners have variable sizes for small or larger pots, you decide with the controls. Occasionally, I need to use the commercial ceramic-top cleaner and a little elbow grease to clean off some stubborn cooked on stuff. Thanks for the opportunity to share my viewpoint on the GE Adora ceramic-top stove.  I feel much better.

Bel Air, MD


GE Adora Freestanding Electric Range

4.3 3