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GE Adora Built-in Dishwasher

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So disappointed in this dishwasher


I bought this dishwasher about 6 months ago and have had nothing but problems with it. The spray arms get clogged with food and it's hard to get out. Even when they are clear, my dishes are still dirty after a wash especially the bowls. I've tried bowls on the bottom and top racks and nothing works. Dishwasher still under warranty. GE scheduled a service call. My time slot was 8am to 5 pm. ALL DAY. And no one showed. And no one can give me an answer about why no one came and if and when they will. So much for a warranty. If I could get rid of this dishwasher tomorrow, I would.

Boulder, CO


Great Family Dishwasher


Our family has owned our GE Adora Built-in dishwasher for 6 years, and we feel we have gotten our money's worth out of it. I wash 1 -2 loads in this dishwasher every day, and it is still running strong. After 6 years - a few of the plastic parts are beginning to show wear. The cleaning power is strong - I just began rinsing my dishes this year, previously I would leave everything on them. Either way - rinsing or not - this dishwasher always brings them clean. We would recommend this product, and purchase the same dishwasher again ourselves! Noise Level It does make noise, but I prefer "white" noise from time to time and so do not consider this an inconvenience! Loading Flexibility This dishwasher has plenty of room. Basket compartments in the bottom allow for washing bottle parts, or small objects. Durability We have owned this dishwasher for 6 years, and it is still going strong.

Akron, OH


Quiet but needs better space planning


We bought this GE Adora dishwasher 6 months ago. Our main goal was to get rid of the old one that was well used by the people who lived in the house before us. My main requirement was to get one as quiet as we could afford, and we have been very happy with the noise level of this dishwasher. It has a very quiet hum that is not very noticeable even when you are watching tv in the same room. The arrangement of the prongs in the rack is not my favorite, especially on the rop rack. I don't think it is set up for the best use of space. It can be hard to arrange things so that they don't knock into eachother even thought there is plenty of space. I haven't had any problems with the dishes being clean, as I've noticed some other reveiwers have.

Sherwood, OR


ge adora builtin dishwasher isnt the best


the ge adora dishwasher looks awesome in my kitchen!! it matches my other appliances perfectaly. The only issues i have with it are the top rack dishes dont ever get cleaned. I think the center piece will get stuck and not go up all the way. Another issue is the spot on the door for soap wont pop open sometimes. I go to open my dishwasher and soap dispencer door pops open with the soap still inthere. Its really iritating so we have to run it all over again. Over all the dishwasher is very nice in appearance and operates very quietly. We have only had it about 8 months so i cannot answer to how long it last. My mom has had a ge dishwasher for about 10 years and it still works great, so im hopin mine will be like that. It is difficult to keep clean. We have to wipe it about twice a day. And if you close the door and lock it, it will make a terrible beeping noise to remind you to press start. but overall it is great

Richlands, NC


Small Capacity but VERY Quiet!


We purchased a new home this year and all of the appliances had already been chosen. I was excited to see that the builder had chosen GE appliances because I had always heard that they were a premium brand. When I first loaded the dishwasher, I noticed that it had a very small capacity, much smaller than waht I was used to. But what it lacks in size, it makes up for in quietness! If I run it while I have company over, they always comment on how quiet it is! I think our previous dishwasher must have been very outdated because it did not have dual spinning washers like the Adora. I love this because everything on the top rack gets just as clean as the dishes in the bottom basket. One thing that does bug me a little is that the slots for the silverware are totally not wide enough! We have very modern flatware and they just don't fit! But you can open the lids of the silverware baskets and just pile the silverware in there without having each piece in its own slot. Also, this is not a true stainless steel appliance. I found that out when my childs magnets didn't stick to it! But it sure does look real!

Sumrall, MS


Buyers remorse from day one on this Chinese made junk


We bought the Adora when our first choices were not available in the store. Decent looks, cheaply made and leaves crud all over the dishes. We, like others, wouldn't think about putting dishes in the Adora without a very thorough rinse. We buy GE products because we thought they were made in the US, but this came from China. After 1 year, the plastic parts are cracking, so the racks slide pop out of the brackets and have to aligned "just right" to go back in.  Like nearly every product from GE in our last 3 homes, it arrived dented.  It is only 24 inches deep, so it's not as big as you may think for the money. 

Louisville, KY


GE Adora Built-in Dishwasher

3.0 6