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GE - A730 Digital Camera

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This is a really cool camera!


This is the easiest digital camera I have ever used. You get exceptional pictures everytime. Small enough to carry in your purse or pocket for those really unexpected pictures. Also does short videos. Comes in Black and Silver color. Very easy to download or take the chip to your favorite place for developing. It's also very affordable.


Hickory, NC


GE's most affordable entry-level digital camera


When I was searching the internet for a new digital camera, I came across the GE A730 digital camera.  I was very impressed.  This camera has 7 megapixels, you usually can't get that many in a basic camera.  I also love the large 2.5 inch screen, it makes it easy to see exactly what I'm taking a picture of.  I'm an avid picture taker, so I want to get the best shot, and this camera gets that shot.  The color choices aren't bad either....theres red, dark blue, pink, black, and white. I chose to get the dark blue, because blue is my favorite color.  This camera is a very good value, I decided to buy it at Wal-Mart and it didn't cost very much.  There are also a lot of good features that other digital cameras just don't have, and I love that about this digital camera.  GE comes out with a lot of good things, but I believe this is one of the best.  If you are looking for a camera that makes ameteur pictures look professional, you should invest in one of these cameras, I would definitely recommend it to anyone.


Adrian, MI


A730 digital camera- Great photos but some problems


My GE compact digital camera takes spectacular photos and has more options than other cameras that cost twice as much. I particularly like the panoramic feature although I've never been able to format those correctly for printing. The video has great quality and allows me to video record for about 30 minutes. The continuous shot offers to take up to 5 consecutive photos. Mine has never worked. I wanted this feature most when I bought it because my kids play baseball and I wanted to get their swings and pitches but, was never able to. After only about 2 months of usage, the screen would get grainy but, still take excellent photos & started going through batteries way too quickly. I contacted GE and they offered to send me a brand new camera in place of mine which was "unfix-able". The whole thing only cost me postage. They were very kind and professional. Their willingness to correct the problem quickly and in-expensively says volumes to me about their customer service and I am now a loyal GE customer.


Steger, IL


GE - A730 Digital Camera

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