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GE - A1050 Digital Camera

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GE 10MP Camera: The Best Picture Ever


This GE Camera has a low price, great image quality and is simple to use. The camera has just the right amount of settings needed to take a clear picture. The camera will adjust to bad lighting. Rechargeable batteries are recommended for this camera. Regular batteries will die within a day. If you must use regular batteries make sure you remove them from the camera when not in use. Overall, the GE A1050 is reliable, quick to focus, takes great photos and really is the only camera you will need for personal use. Image Quality The images come out super clear and better than most higher megapixel cameras. The images come out with a nice white light and not a yellow hue. Performance Works Great! No Problems. Ease of Use It's super ease to use. There are a crazy amount of settings to learn. Durability It's sturdy but why be careless? Get a protective case. Battery Life Battery life on this camera does suck. Take a regular picture session and your regular batteries are toast. Pull out the rechargeables. Portability It's small enough for your pocket or purse.



A nice camera to carry along.


We bought this camera about 5 months ago. When we bought it, I wasn't sure i was going to like it. Mostly because it takes regular AA batteries. I was wrong. It's a nice camera; small and compact, takes a decent picture (nothing great) and it's easy to use. So easy in fact we had our 13 year old Daughter take it on her school trip to Washington DC. It's a 10.1 megapixel with a 5X optical zoom. It also has Image stabilization for shaky hands. Face detections for the best focus with people in the shots (and it actually works). Blink detection... Now i'm not certain this works, not because it has taken any photos with closed eyes, but because I haven't seen anything saying it was working or worked or... you know what i mean. If it does work; that's really cool. One of my favorite things about this camera is the Pan-Capture feature which allows you take a series of shots than the camera stitches them together into a panoramic shot thats quite cool. The battery life that I was worried about, well lest just say you don't really have much to worry about. I was surprised just how long the batteries last in the camera. Overall I think this is a nice camera for people they can carry around with them to capture those candid moments that would otherwise be missed. If your looking for a camera that takes really high quality shots, this probably isn't the camera for you.

Milwaukee, WI


GE - A1050 Digital Camera

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