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GE 900 Watt Advantium 120 Speedcook Microwave Oven

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An Oven that does it all, Microwaves, Bakes, Broils & Grills


We full-time RV and I had a lot of trouble with Convection Ovens. The Advantium 120 does it all and it doesn't heat up the RV. It will grill a cheese sandwich or a steak to perfection. To steam vegetables, I push Microwave-cook-by food type-fresh vegetables, the oven does the rest and my vegetables are cooked to perfectly, not under or overcooked and a vibrant color. Now I can finally make anything I want, garlic bread, bake a cake, you name it.


Nicholson, PA


GE Advantium is very Dependable


The microwave does everything that I need for an oven to do.  After two weeks of owning this oven, I stopped using my range oven.  I love the way it bakes biscuits.  I can use the microwave for many different options.  It bakes quality food in a lot less time then the conventional oven.  I have owned this microwave for 8 years now.  I am glad that I chose one that helped me save money on baking.  The GE microwave saves a lot of time on baking food.  I highly recommend it to anyone that needs a microwave.


Johnson City, TN


Good machine- the only option for 2nd oven.


I am usually not a ge lover- but this machine is wonderful. You have to remember at beginning its a speed cook oven, but it amazingly quick and tasty. No microwave taste or texture issues with this speed cook oven. Just remember to change the different plate and your off and running. As small as this is, its a much better 2nd oven issue.   Love it Love it.


De Soto, KS


Convection microwave- need I say more?


My husband and I just moved into a new place and instead of having an oven, the landlord opted to have a combination microwave/oven = convection  microwave.  I wasn't thrilled about this, but the price was unbeatable and the neighborhood was great.  A couple weeks after we moved in, I fell in love with the convection feature.  All my food comes out more quickly and my meats are juicier.  The convection microwave can function as a microwave independently, an oven independently, and as both for a speed cook option.  The food even comes out crispy and never soggy or mushy.  I find myself using the speed option more frequently than microwaving alone because it makes my food more cripsy.  Just remember that the rack cannot be used while also using the microwave function. One big draw back is that it is not the size of an oven, but that of a large microwave.  So say goodbye to big items like pizza.  Oh well, we shouldn't be eating pizza anyway. 


Titusville, FL


GE Spacemaker microwave Dependable...just like old faithful!


** The GE  ****spacemaker  microwave is a great product. We have never had any problems with it we have owned this model for over 5 years. I ****really enjoy the option that there is already a turn style built inside the oven so anything you put into it cooks thoroughly without hot spots or frozen areas cooking evenly. It cooks faster than most ovens I have owned in the past. This particular model has a removable rack inside so when the kids come home from school famished you can put two things in at once and cook them at the same time and they both cook evenly. Another great feature is the front of the oven is the front is flat there are no protruding dials or buttons so it just wipes down easily keeping off food debris and fingerprints. The best feature of all is this is mounted above my stove keeping my counter-space clutter free which enables me to have more work area for cooking. This model comes in two colors black and white. My mother has the black model but I feel it shows up allot of smears and grease the white appears to be easier to keep clean so you may want to keep that in mind when choosing a color for yourself.**


Chesterton, IN


GE 900 Watt Advantium 120 Speedcook Microwave Oven

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