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GE 900 Watt 1.4 Cubic Feet Advantium Speedcook Microwave Oven

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Great Microwave


We have had this microwave for 8 years now and it is buy far the best microwave we have owned. We bought his on clearance not knowing to much about it at the time and we have learned a lot about it. As a microwave it has many features you would expect like defrost( timed & weight), popcorn, reheat, easy start. I also like the turn dial that makes it easy to add time to the program. The best thing I like about the Adantium is the speedcook programing, we use it all the time. We like using it for pizza especially as that is all ablout my daughter eats. It will cook a frozen pizza from the freezer to the table in about 12 min and it is programed for many different crusts and sizes. I have also used this to cook hamburgers hotdogs baked pataoes, not just nuked potatoes but actually baked. It is a wonder to keep clean as it is stailess on the in side and the bake pans are easy also to keep clean. The only problem is on the fromt door the coating has peeled off over the years from cleaning, wish they would have used stainless here also.I will buy this again when I need a new one.

Tustin, MI


The GE Advantium 120 microwave oven is the best microwave ever!


I love my GE Advantium oven. It goes about your stove. It has a light and a vent that will replace a vent hood. It can be vented outside or you can switch it so you don't have to. You do need a special filter for doing this. It is available on GE's website. You do need a cabinet above the Advantium to anchor the oven to. It will also not work for you if you have a brick wall. The Advantium has three settings; microwave, speedcook, and oven/bake. The speedcook is like a convection oven and it has preprogrammed settings for many foods. You can also program in your own. It comes with a glass tray and a metal tray. The glass is for using the microwave. The metal one is for both the speedcook and oven/bake settings. There are also other functions such as using it as a timer or the light as a night light. This oven comes with a DVD and a manual as well as a recipe book. There is also a quick start guide that tells you how long to cook dishes like casseroles or breads using the speedcook setting. It is a great product and I am glad I bought it.

Monroe, IA


A versatile cooking machine


Our family actually has two microwave ovens. We use a simple one for everyday items such as popcorn. We use the GE SCA1000 Advantium 1.4 Cu. Ft. Over the Range Microwave Oven for "cooking on steroids." The good news about this oven is that it does a lot of things really well. The bad news is that you will actually have to read the owner's manual to figure out how to cook with it. It does both conventional and microwave cooking. You have to train yourself to use the glass tray for microwave cooking and the metal tray for conventional cooking. The sensor in the oven seems to work well. We've put cups of coffee at several different temperatures into the oven for reheating. The coffee has always come out at the correct temperature. Once you read the instructions, the operation of the oven is actually quite simple. We look forward to giving the oven more tests and challenges and feel confident that the results will continue to be satisfactory.

Saint Augustine, FL


GE 900 Watt 1.4 Cubic Feet Advantium Speedcook Microwave Oven

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