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GE 800 Watt 0.9 Cubic Feet Microwave Oven

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The GE 800 Watt 0.9 Cubic Feet Microwave Oven is ONLY FOR COOKING FOOD. You may think things get warm in a microwave oven, but it is NOT an effective way to dry things! They don't tell you this in the manual, which is a BIG mistake, but if you put anything other than food in the microwave, it will most likely explode! It is not a pretty sight. My children were not very understanding. But, even when cooking food, this microwave is only so effective. It doesn't work on anything like eggs. These also explode in this brand of microwave, making it very difficult to clean up. Performance This microwave randomly causes things to explode and sometimes anything with metal on it will spark. This is very dangerous! They should do more testing on these things before they send them out to customers. Settings/Features For a pretty crappy microwave, there are actually a lot of features. Such as defrost and speed defrost. Ease of Cleaning It's not easy to clean a microwave that things are constantly exploding in! Ease of Use You put your object in and press start. It can't get much easier than that. Durability I'm not so sure I trust that this thing will last a long time.





Does not work consistantly. Only had enough money for inexpensive model and got even less than what we paid for. Does not keep running even if heating drink for 30 seconds. Performance Constantly shuts down even if heating coffee for 30 seconds. inconsistent Durability Since the day we bought it we have had a bad experience with it. Design Buttons do not always respond.



The GE WES0930DN1BB Microwave is the quickest way to heat food.


The General Electric company has been making electronic devices for many years now and I have recently purchased a microwave from them. Manufactured in September of 2008, my GE WES0930DN1BB, has been of great use and heats my food faster than I have ever been able to do so in the past. It has many different settings and options to heat just about anything, but there are to many settings for me to really understand. That is why I always use the "Add thirty seconds" button and just hit it until it adds enough time. I am a single man who has to cook his own meals so it is important that I own a fast cooking microwave. I for sure found that with my GE WES0930DN1BB. As an overall, I am satisfied with my purchase, but there is one thing I don't like. The problem I have with my microwave is the legs on it do not grasp my counter very well. Each time I push my "add thirty seconds" button my microwave slides back. I had to fix that problem by placing padding between it and the wall. Overall I would recommend this microwave to any man who needs his food fast and hot. It does a great job and it is a very affordable product.

Ashville, AL


GE 800 Watt 0.9 Cubic Feet Microwave Oven

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