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GE 6-Slice Convection Toaster Oven

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A few years ago now, I bought GE's Convection Toaster Oven to take the place of a real oven. Living in a studio apartment with only a kitchenette (mini fridge, sink and stove), I needed a small toaster oven that could do the bulk of my baking. And I would say that it has bore up quite well given the amount I've used it. I've used it to bake meats, breads, casseroles and desserts. Even Heating The heating was more consistent in the beginning of my toaster oven's life. Safety Unlike my boyfriend's smaller toaster, my GE Convention Toaster never caused any major or minor safety issues. It does not smoked when I toast something as simple as bread. The only time my toaster oven made me nervous was when I tried to broil steak. It cannot really handle that -- at least without setting the smoke detector off. Ease of Cleaning It is kind of difficult to clean. I wish it had a self-clean button like some real ovens! Durability Amazingly, it has lasted years. Design It is pretty spacious for a toaster oven. Most pans, however, do not fit in it. When I bake muffins or cupcakes, for instance, I can only use one 6 cup tin at a time.




Very Convenient


We have had this toaster oven for a while now. I bought it to replace our toaster and to be able to reheat leftovers that otherwise end up soggy in the microwave. I have three children and I must say this is the most used appliance in the house. We use it to make toast, bagels, waffles, pizza rolls, and fish sticks. It is great for reheating pizza, french fries, chicken nuggets - anything that is better crispy. It is even faster than the microwave with better texture of foods. We have used the rotisserie once or twice, but it wasn't really a big hit with us - not that it didn't work well (it was great), we just don't really cook that way often. The pull out tray is easy to clean, but cleaning out the inside is a chore.


Capac, MI


GE is good brand in this oven


We recently purchased this oven to replace one that burnt out and we absolutely love this model. So far, everything we've tried to cook - from pizza to taco bowl shells to meats - has turned out great. The oven is easy to use and looks just fine on our counter. The size is perfect. Even Heating seems to be hotter on right front side than back left Safety No problems here. Ease of Cleaning Just as easy to clean as other ovens I've had. No harder to clean at all. Durability seems durable. Design like the roominess.


Medon, TN


GE Rotisserie Convection Oven is my favorite item in the kitchen


We got the GE Rotisserie Convection Oven as a Christmas gift 3 months ago, and we use it all the time! For our first attempt, we dove in and cooked our first rotisserie chicken, ever, and it was delicious! It was moist and juicy and tender and the skin was just the right amount of crispy! It was a huge hit in our house! We fell in love with this oven right away! Since, we have cooked a roast, which also turned out really well. We use our GE oven almost everyday, from toast and nuggets, to chicken and fish, and, of course, pizza. It holds a 9 in frozen pizza and still has room for a larger size, and they turn out perfectly each time. We hardly use our regular oven any more. The only thing I've found that cooks better in a regular oven, is french fries, not sure why that is. The GE gets hot enough to cook the foods well, but it doesn't heat up the house, which is great. I love, love this convection oven and would definitely recommend to others! We've later found that you have to be extra careful not to burn yourself on the top of the door, it can get very hot!


Conway, SC


Convenant!! Cooks Great!! Looks good in my kitchen!


My stove went out, yep it was a gonner. I didnt know what to do other than call a repair man and pray. The repair man came and went, and my stove is still in the graveyard of appliances. Thats when my grandma bought my husband and I a GE Rosisserie Covenction Oven. I had heard of toaster ovens but thought they were small and didnt really cook much. Wow, was I wrong. I am in love with my new convection oven! It rostisseries up to a 5pound chicken! I can bake, broil, toast, and warm almost anything I want. Since our daughter has moved out it is just my husband and I so this is perfect for us. It looks great in my kitchen also, I love the stainless steele look. It is easy to clean, comes with a baking pan, and 2 racks, also the items you need to set up the rosisserie. It also has an automatic turn off when the food is done. If I set my timer for 20 mins and go outside or get distracted for 25 mins, no problem, the timer shuts the oven completely off. No burnt food to come back too. I love this and dont know what I would do without it!


In the sun, FL


Stylish, but too cold to cook!


I love the style of my GE 169220 Rotisserie/toaster/oven. There is a huge problem with mine though. I can take that the racks are not as stable, when pulled out, possibly dropping hot food on yourself, or a child near the oven. I can deal with the fact that it's a taller oven that most toaster ovens. I can also deal with the fact that food by the fan vent gets brown quicker than the rest of it. What I cannot tolerate is that I must have the thermostat adjusted. I have read that this is a common problem, which on this site is not discussed. The unit is slow to make toast (10 minutes, compared to 3 minutes in a toaster). The reason for this is that MY oven is 150 degrees too cold. One day, I noticed that my toast took too long to be medium brown. I then went out and got a quality oven thermometer. To my surprise, 450 degrees was only registering as 300. (Well, just a hair under 300.) I was told that there is a screw in back of the temp knob, to adjust it upwards, 1/4 of a turn for every 25 degrees. I shouldn't have to do this. This GE Product is not as quality as it could be. 20-25 minutes for a frozen pizza is just too much time! Sorry GE... but this one get only 2 stars out of 5 Even Heating Foods by the fan get too brown, if convection oven is faulty... which this model has this issue. Safety Trays can fall if 1/2 way out, because the trays are poorly secured and tip. Ease of Cleaning Ease of cleaning is nice, with the tray plate you can slide out and clean. Walls are tall enough to sponge off as needed. Durability The oven seems durable to use, except for the tray issue, described above. Design Design is nice for pizzas. poor for low cupboards or small counter tops.


Toledo, OH


LOVE this Rotisserie Oven


We had a Euro Pro which I was happy with for 6 years but it finally died. I checked reviews everywhere and this came up the highest. I'm thrilled with it, although it does take longer to make toast. But other than that, I use it for anything that will fit into it - roasts, meatloaf, baked potatoes, my pita pizza's (homemade low cal), absolutely anything and everything. I rarely use my oven. Today I used it for the first time to rotisserie a chicken. YUMMO! I did a rub from a jar but not knowing how to use a rub, that didn't do much. However, the chicken was so moist and absolutely perfect - 5# chicken was actually done at 2 hours but I let it go to 2 1/2 to brown it a little more. I set it at the 450 and because I didn't truss it properly it fell back each time it turned to the back, and one side got darker than the other. But that was my fault and in no effected the taste of the chicken. And that dark skin was delicious, as was the juice in the bottom. I didn't use it because I didn't make gravy but it would have been fantastic. I used a temp guage at 2 hours and it was at the right temp but having never used the rotisserie I chose to keep it in longer. Anyway, other than MY problem with not trussing it tight enough, it couldn't have been better. My husband just kept "oohing" and "aahing" about it. Juicy juicy juicy. Perfect! I'll definitely do it again and next time I'll use the rub inside the chicken and rub some under the skin, which I didn't do this time. The other neat thing was, the oven didn't get messy, which surprised me. I figured I'd have a mess to clean up. Not so - just the pan which went into the DW and the skewers. I just wiped out the oven with a sponge but there was nothing there, really. Now THAT'S a good thing!


West Middlesex, PA


it's a fine convection oven


Overall, I have enjoyed using my convection oven. We bought it around a year ago when our previous toaster oven bit the dust. It really comes in handy when I want to bake something without using the regular oven especially in the summer so we don't end up heating up the entire house. It does an excellent job with some minor exceptions. Cooking a whole pizza is tricky, one end usually has to bend for it to fit. I like to cook my cornbread in a cast iron skillet but even the smallest one I have won't fit because of the handle. As far as toast is concerned, the old toaster oven I had actually did a better job with this, most of the time I don't get it quite brown enough. The only other issue I have is that because of the way the door opens it is hard to clean the edge of the opening where it connects to the oven. But overall, I do really like it.


Hutchinson, KS


Great toaster oven


This was my first toaster oven. We bought this to act as an oven while ours was on the fritz. The only thing that was required when we were looking for one is that it had to be able to cook a 12" box pizza. I spent alot of time looking at reviews and seeing what was available at our local department stores. This was a good price when we bought it. We have used it for many things including backing pies/brownies/cupcakes, broiling meating and heating up pizzas. The only thing that we haven't tried is the rotisserie part. It works well. A couple of things that we have noticed is that the heat seems to be slightly less than what you set it for. That isn't a big issue for us as we just turn the heat up a little (350 becomes 375). The only other thing is the timer sometimes does not work. So I have to make sure it is moving before I walk away. Otherwise it is a good toaster oven.


Sanford, MI


My favorite little oven


I have had muy GE Rotisserie Convection Oven (which I call my "Little" Oven) now for about a year and a half. Since I bought my little oven, I have only used my regular oven twice, when I needed to make a cake in a pan that would not fit in the "Little" One. This oven is great to cook chicken breasts, reheat food, bake mini cakes, bake a little pan of cookies, and so on. This oven will even cook at twelve inch pizza! Reheated food from the oven comes out of the oven crisp- in fact, it doesn't even taste like it was reheated! When baking, the food also takes less time because the oven is a convection oven. I have not made a rotisserie chicken yet in the oven, but I'm sure it will taste great once I do. I would have rated it outstanding, but I wish there was a light in the oven.


Saint Paul, MN


GE 6-Slice Convection Toaster Oven

4.5 16