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GE 6,000 BTU Air Conditioner

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GE Air Conditioner


Living in Michigan we hardly use a air conditioner even in the warmer summer months. But this past summer it got very hot and it was to the point where everyone was rushing out to buy air conditioners. I got one of the very last ones at the store and was thrilled that not only does it come with a remote it is also very quite AND works wonderful. Installing it was a breeze and pretty quick. We did but a window kit to go with it so that we were not loosing any cool air out of the window while this unit was running. Having it installed in our large living room that is open to our kitchen I was worried about how well it would cool the large area. It did great! Not only did it cool the area off we had to turn if off after 2 hours because we all became so chilled. I highly recommend this unit as it is quiet, has a remote and cools off large areas with no problem.



GE Air Conditioner ASH06LKS1, Love this ac with remote!


GE Air Conditioner model# ASH06LKS1 6,000 btu. With Remote Control. My parents bought me this GE Air Conditioner three years ago when my very old air conditioner decided it was retiring and not cooling the air any longer. The GE air conditioner has 2 settings Cool or fan. There is an energy saver mode and a sleep timer and a timer to turn on and off the air conditioner. There is a digital display and a thermostat that you set the temperature you like. I absolutely love having a remote control for my air conditioner. I am totally spoiled. The remote control is small and easy to use. I have to say the air conditioner is noisy, but I like the sound of an air conditioner and this one is a lot quieter then my last one. I have a small size room and it cools it completely. (Ice box cold) I believe it would do a medium room at a comfortable temperature. I highly recommend this GE Air Conditioner! I love it.



Perfect Little A/C


We bought our 6000BTU GE Air Conditioner during a huge heat wave a few years ago. Our model has a digital display, remote control, and timer function. As a person who really can't stand the heat, I couldn't have been more pleased with this purchase. It is rather compact in size, but surprisingly powerful. It really cooled down my bedroom so I could get some sleep! The air conditioner ran constantly during that one terrible summer, but we only had a minimal increase in our electric bill. At night, we left it on the power saver setting, which would cycle between actual cooling and just using the fans to circulate the air. While you could definitely hear the compressor switching on and off, it wasn't loud like many other air conditioners are. Also, the timing of the compressor switching on and off was perfect. I've had other units that waited until the temperature got uncomfortably high before switching back to the A/C function, but this one didn't do that. And since I get really lazy when it's hot out, I **loved **having the remote control. My experience with this air conditioner would definitely have me stick with the GE brand. I know there are many, many models out there, so we'd probably be able to find one that would meet any of our needs.

Federal Way, WA


cools well,saves electricity


Got this air conditioner brand new , as a way to save on my high electric bills of my central air conditioner,I found it did everything it was supposed to do,it did make a little condensation ,but this is normal ,since I live in a humid location,I found it does not make a lot of noise and it cools preety fast,the 400W unit runs on almost nothing,It seems to have instructions that are somehow limited and new more details,like how to set the outlet switch properly and many oter things that one has to figure for one self.Still for the price it was a great buy. The key factor in terms of electrical usage is the timimg of the turning on of the thermostat that drawas more that 400W of electricity,but this shift since to be done in an imperceptable way ,which reduces the noise ratio and the comsumption also.The external chassis stay pretty shiny but it is amde from a sort of maleable plastic and styrofosm material.The interior clean pretty good but the fulter pore size could be improved since it is way to big and a lot of debris passes through.The wall plug has a light green light that stays on all the time(unkown reason, for this).But overall is a good device/appliance.

Miami, FL


GE 6,000 BTU Air Conditioner

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