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4-Slice Toasters
GE 4-Slice Stainless Toaster

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A good reliable toaster


I have no complaints about this toaster. It has wide openings for various thicknesses of bread and is useful for bagels and frozen pastries that need warming or thawing. I have used it to not only toast bread and bagels but to thaw rolls for burgers or dogs. Toasting Evenness Depending on how many slices and how they are positioned, most of the toast comes out even. Have had some areas darker than others but may be due to positioning. Safety I haven't burnt myself on this toaster or had it overheat or spark. We use it almost daily, so it is reliable and dependable. Ease of Cleaning I like the removable crumb trays, which make it easy to get the bottom of the toaster clean. I find that some crumbs and other bread remnants get stuck in the slots, though, and the only way to get them out is to turn the toaster upside down and shake it. Durability We've had the toaster for six-and-a-half years and have had no problems with its performance or effectiveness. It has moved three times with us and has sustained no damage from packing.



Four slots are great for a Family


I like this toaster a lot. I like having 4 slots for 4 things to be able to toast at once. My family likes to eat Tuna Fish on Toast and this works great for that meal! It toasts evenly and quickly. It has a bagel setting that I think works really well. It also has a frozen setting which helps things cook better like waffles and toaster strudel. With my old toaster the middle was always cold and the outside burnt. It also toasts up my gluten free bread, which is always frozen, very well. It has two cute little crumb trays that pull out from the front so that you can keep the toaster clean from the front. and not have to turn the whole thing upside down

Kaysville, UT


GE 4-Slice Stainless Toaster

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