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GE 4-in-1 Grill/Griddle

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Space saver and time saver!


If you want one appliance that does it all without taking up the space of a ton of little grills, this is the grill for you. I love that I can cook almost anything on this grill. It is just me and my husband, but this grill would be efficient for a family of four as well. After having so many useless appliances, like a quesadilla maker, waffle maker, etc., I wanted something that I could use for multiple types of foods. This grill does it all. It is perfect for cooking meat, breakfast, even quesadillas!!! I can finally get rid of the other things that have been taking up space inside my cupboard. This grill is so useful that I use it all summer and winter long, and it does not warm up the house too much in the summer. In fact, this grill is so useful that it has earned a permenant spot on my coveted counter space. I still like using the outdoor grill in the summer, but this is so much easier, and when you don't have a lot of time for dinner, this is a lifesaver.

Woodville, OH


I Love My GE 4-in-1 Grill/Griddle!


I have owned my GE 4-in-1 Grill/Griddle for a while now. It makes a wonderful panini. It also cooks a mean steak! I have also made hamburgers and grilled cheese sandwiches on it. I have tried frying eggs on it and cooking pancakes too. They have all been delicious! Those are the four cooking options that it offers-panini, open grill contact grill, and griddle. It is so versatile and fun to use! The different plates are non-stick; however, I suggest using a little cooking spray. They are easy to remove and change out. The plates are also dishwasher safe which is really a good feature. Just be sure they are completely cool before you remove them. You do not want to risk getting burned. The grill/griddle has a stay cool handle which is really nice too. It is fun to use when the grandchildren come over. They love watching it cook! It you are looking for a portable grill/griddle, I highly recommend the GE 4-in-1!

Maryville, TN


Truly a great griddle


Wow, this grill is very convenient and great for times when you don't feel like going outside to use your grill. You can make paninis on here. All you have to do is assemble your sandwich, put it on the grill, adjust the temperature, and press down on it. Minutes later, you will have a hot, crispy panini! You can also use it as a traditional grill or as a mock George Foreman grill. You can push the grill back and it will turn into a flat top grill. You can grill your meat that way or close it up like you did with the panini. Either way, your food will taste great. You can take out the grill panel and replace it with a griddle. This is great for making breakfast items such as pancakes, eggs, or bacon. This is a hassle free way to cook things because you don't have to lug out your traditional griddle. Plus, this griddle hardly takes up that much room on your counter top. It's very easy to clean and all you have to do is take the panels out and clean it with soap and water. This is a great product for people with little time on their hands.

Arlington, TX


Great Product, Use it daily, Easy to use.


I've owned this product 3 years. Wonderful. Use it daily. Non stick surface that are still great. Ease in removing grills for washing. I use it for everything!.. Even toast pecans and almonds on it. Can control the temperature so nuts don't burn. I'm so impressed that it warms up so quickly. Much better product than the "more expensive brand" that looks much as this one. I know... I have owned it too... gave it away. Kept this one. Performance Wonderful! Durability Wonderful. Working like new after 3 years of daily use. Ease of Cleaning So very easy to clean. I just wipe it off most of the time. Grills are easy to change out and wash when need be. Ease of Use Very easy.

Bentonville, AR


not as good as expected


I got this to save space and had wanted a griddle and a sandwich maker which is the rave. It takes up a lot of space and it is hard to change the grill plates. I actually went back to a stove version...not worth the money or hassle...

Salem, MA


The GE Grill and Griddle can cook many items at the same time


The GE grill and griddle has made cooking much easier.  I saw this two years ago at Christmas time in a Walmart.  I love new appliances and gadgets.  My husband bought it for me for Christmas.  It has been a tremendous help to me.  I use several times a week for preparing dinner.  I've used it for breakfasts and making snacks.  The grill cooks everything from hamburgers to chicken to link sausage to pork chops.  It only takes a minimal amount of time to cook the meat.  The temperature goes up to 450 degrees.  It gets very hot.  I've used the griddle for pancakes,  eggs,  you name it.  The snacks are the most fun.  I've made pininis using the grill and hawaiin bread,  grilled cheese is also great.  Little party appetizers and tapas are great to.  The little cheese sticks and jalepeno poppers are goo to.  I'm always experimenting with this machine.  The sky's the limit.  Clean up is easy.  Although I would recommend spraying the grill and griddle with a little non stick cooking spray first.

Minden, LA


GE 4-in-1 Grill/Griddle

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