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GE 4 Square Chrome Waffle Maker

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GE Chrome Waffle Maker is fantastic!


The GE Chrome Waffle Maker is super easy to use, and makes great waffles! The non-stick surface is very easy to clean up, and works great because nothing sticks to it at all. I love that this makes four waffles at a time, and they all are consistently evenly cooked. The cord is a good length, so you don't have to have this machine jammed up right next to the wall outlet when using it. The exterior finish is very easy to clean, and doesn't show fingerprints. A word of caution though - in the directions it tells you how much batter to use in the waffle area, and pay close attention to that. I have on occasion over-filled the machine and when the batter cooks out of the waffle grid it is a monster to clean up. This machine was reasonably priced, and I'd definitely call it a good buy.

Rootstown, OH


GE 4 Square Chrome Waffle Maker

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