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GE 4-Quart Hand/Stand Mixer

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easy to use ge mixer


my ge four quart stand mixer 106772 is very easy to use. it almost does the work by its self. it is so easy to use that when my granddaughter comes to stay they are able to use it. it has its own bowl so it mixes evenly. it looks very stylish setting on the cabinets.the ge name has been around for a long time and seems to come up with a lot of new ideas.the beaters are easy to remove. you can raise the mixer up and clean them off so there is no mess on the cabinets. i love to bake cakes,cookies and other things with my grandchildren and this makes it so much easier. i have trouble with my hands. so i can stir anything with this mixer.it is very easy to clean up all the mess. i would not trade it for any other brand.

Bates City, MO


G.E. Hand/Stand Mixer gets the job done


I have the G.E. Hand/Stand MIxer that was my mothers and it is really useful. It came with the glass mixing bowls that I can use with it or use the hand mixer by itself. It had twelve different setting on it where you can whip, beat, blend, stir, mix or fold in dry ingredients.Does a great job on mashed potatoes or fixing a cake from scratch. It's easy to insert the mixer on the stand and release the beaters when you are finished. It's easy to use, clean up are easy and the mixer can be stored under cabinets or takes up little space on the counter. It came with a recipe book that has a lot of good recipes and tips. As this was from my mother, I don't know what the price was but I feel certain they would be available at any walmart stores. Would recommend this to those who do a lot of cooking and baking as it dodes several different tasks.

Brush Creek, TN


GE 4-Quart Hand/Stand Mixer

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