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GE 4.8 cu. ft. Gas Range - White


Gas Range Cooker

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Great gas grill


I really like having my GE gas range in my guest house. Many people prefer an electric stove to a gas stove but I love my gas stove so much. GE did a phenomenal job when they made this gas stove. It has lasted over four years and it always gets my food perfectly cooked. I like that the settings on this stovetop are very accurate. When I set the heat to medium it cooks perfectly at medium. I also like how nice it is to keep clean. It is a great stovetop and I would highly reccomend this particular one. Temperature Control The temperature control is wonderful. It's very accurate and I almost never burn my food. Heat Distribution The heat is always distributed evenly. Durability The durability is great. Mine has lasted me a very long time. Design The design is my least favorite. It's a little bulky so it's not the most attractive but it does work well. Ease of Cleaning It's so easy to keep clean. The best way is to keep it clean is right after your done cooking wipe it down and spray an all purpose cleaner.



GE 4.8 cu. ft. Gas Range - White

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