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GE 30" Freestanding Electric Range


GE appliances provide up-to-date technology and exceptional quality to simplify the way you live With a timeless appearance this family of appliances is ideal for your family And coming from one of the most trusted names in America you know that this...

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good stove


I bought this range as an upgrade to my old one. and I do like how fast it heats up and is ready to go. I am still learning the top, I actually get nervous that i will ruin it if something spills over. but so far so good. i have to still learn the burner temperature settings though I seem to always set them to high



Good product but does have bugs


Oven heats regularly, sensors seem to be an issue. The hot surface light tend to stay on until the stove top is bumped. Temperature Control It is very easy to control the temperature. It does not however have a warm setting so you just have to turn it down to the lowest possible setting. Heat Distribution I have noticed the back tends to cook faster but it is expected since it's further from the door. Durability The cook top scratches easy. Even with the recommended products it is still hard to get spills off the top of the stove. Design It looks nice and the stainless steel looks great with other stainless steel products. Ease of Cleaning There is an edge that is almost impossible to get clean. It does however keep spills from running off onto the floor. So is a choice of a edge that is hard to clean or spills on to the floor. The surface is very hard to keep burns and scorch marks off of.

Lansdale, PA


GE 30" Freestanding Electric Range

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