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GE 3-Quart Oval Slow Cooker

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Great slow cooker


I have owned this slow cooker for about four years now. It has been a terrific product. We typically use this crock pot about once a month, more in the winter, less in the summer. I really enjoy the set it and forget it. It has both high and low settings so you can program the entire meal, and it will switch back and forth without you. This crock pot goes into a warming mode if the set amount of time runs out, which is great for our family on the go. We can leave it on the counter and whenever we can get the entire family together, our meal has been kept warm, which is a great treat for mom! The food cooks evenly and thoroughly. As an added bonus the inside comes out which makes cleaning this crock pot a breeze. My only complaint is that somewhere along the way our lid became a little deformed and doesn't quite get a tight seal anymore, but that may have been user error, as I cannot pinpoint exactly when or how this occurred. I would recommend this crock pot to anyone!



This will last you forever!


I have had this for a very long time! My mom had it before I did and I don't know how long she had it, but it still works, really well. It's not all that pretty and doesn't match my kitchen, but that's not what is important. I use it all the time for all kinds of things! It's very durable and very light for a slow cooker. Time to Heat It heats up quickly and cooks food quickly. I can cook chicken breast in just under 6 hrs on low and about 4 on high. Chili stays warm for a long time without drying out, and potatoes and soups don't get burned up. Cooking Performance Things cook evenly and thoroughly. I can make chicken in just a few hours and chili also. Soups and stews are easy to make and vegetables and noodles soften quickly. Ease of Cleaning If something gets burned on I usually end up leaving it for a few days because it's near impossible to get off without soaking for quite some time. It's also almost too big for my sink and it is difficult to get it in there to wash, same with the dishwasher. Ease of Use Just like every crock pot, there's a ceramic inside that goes in and then you're ready to cook. This one has a dial with High, Medium, Low, and keep Warm, so anything you cook has a setting. Design It's oval, so it doesn't fit well on apartment counters. It is also kind of ugly. Other than that, the design is fine. Durability Very durable. I've had it a long time and it still works.



Great product!


This is a GREAT crock pot! I love the ease of using it to cook meals. You just add the ingredients, turn it on, and you don't have to worry about it again until it is time to eat! I really like the keep warm feature that some of the other crock pots don't have. I also like the oval shape for putting things like pork loins or roast in it to cook. I would definitely recommend this product!

Dudley, GA


GE 3 Quart Dependable Crockpot


I have owned this crockpot for 6 years.  I have it in a white/cream color. I use it at least twice w eek, and it looks almost as good as when I bought it.  It is dependable.  It heats the food evenly.  Whether I use it on a high setting for an hour or two, or leave it on low most of the day I know it will not let me down.  I have seen other, fancier crockpots, including stainless steel, and have thought about buying them, but why should I?  This one works so well, and looks so nice, yes, after even 6 years of repeated use.  If you buy this, you will most certainly get your money back, and then some.

Bulverde, TX


GE 3-Quart Oval Slow Cooker

4.8 4