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Top Load Washers
GE 3.9 DOE cu. ft. Capacity Top-Load Washer

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Good, but a few warnings might be in order.


Overall, this washer has worked well and it's relatively large capacity made it a good choice for out large family. The different washing setting are a blessing, as it means that many different things can be washed in here with all of them getting clean, but the more delicate things still hold up. I have found the extra-rinse and heavy duty features useful, as a few members of the family have delicate skin and dust/pet hair allergies. I have found that this washer does tend to get pet hair off of clothing, assuming there isn't an inordinate amount on the clothes in question. If necessary, run it through a second time. However, there are a few items that make this less than perfect. About twice now, things(socks, washcloths) have somehow gotten between the drum and the outside of the washer and plugged it up to the point of not working. It wasn't too hard a fix for my jack-of-all-trades father to fix once we diagnosed what the problem was, but it was a pain. Especially as the repair men were unable to find the problem the three times they came out. Also, the electronic control board started screwing up and had to be replaced once. However, these problems can partly be blamed upon the great amount of use the washer has gotten. And these are the only problems we've had so far. Overall, well-worth the money



Pleased with performance


I am pleased with the performance of this washing machine. I have been a long time GE customer. My last GE washing machine lasted almost 15 years. I enjoy the auto fill feature. It senses how much water is needed. There are many occasions where I will only need to do a small load, so this feature definitely come in handy and helps me conserve water. The machine offers 10 different wash cycles. I especially enjoy the speed wash, delicate and hand wash cycles. I also like the extra rinse feature. Since I have sensitive skin, I prefer rinsing my towels and sheets twice. I find this machine to be pretty quiet. Overall, I think this machine is a good value and works very well.

Oklahoma City, OK


GE 3.9 DOE cu. ft. Capacity Top-Load Washer

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