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GE 27" Gas Dryer


This front-load gas dryer features a stylish round door to add a contemporary touch to your laundry room. It is equipped with dual thermistors and Sensor Dry Plus technology to maintain a consistent amount of heat for thorough drying.

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Great and fantastic


The GE Gas Dryer is an awesome appliance for your laundry room that anyone would like to have. It has a detailed bunch of settings for different dry levels depending on what you want to dry. Clothing is dried quickly, and evenly. I love that you can put in a bunch of clothes to dry and they are ready in little time. It is soft on your clothes so I can even use it for my baby clothing which is really nice as many items are delicates. General Electric has a great line of products are durable and easy to maintain and they do not let you down. Load Capacity There is a great load capacity and you can fit in a lot of clothing at a time. Performance Performance is great and does not let you down. Ease of Use Super simple to use, even my kids could do it. Durability General Electric is great for durability. They have a great line of products of all variety. Design The design is really modern and attractive and will cheer up any old laundry room!


Minneapolis, MN


GE Gas dryer


Do not buy this dryer, stay far far away from this GE dryer! We've had it only 7 years, which is not a long life for a dryer, and it's broken down twice on us. The first time the pads around the drum wore thin and it was eating holes in my clothes, now the dryer no longer heats up. We just had it serviced and fixed 6 months ago too! When it worked it was a nice dryer, dried the clothes quickly and has tons of different settings. Too bad GE only made these to last a few short years. We paid a lot of money for this dryer and have already put in several hundred to fix it. After this latest break down I am done putting money into it, we bought a new dyer and hopefully will have better luck with it. Load Capacity It does fit a good amount of laundry. Performance Breaks down to often, parts go bad too quickly on this dryer. Ease of Use Super easy to figure out the controls, everything is spelled out for you on the control panel. Durability Didn't last us long at all. I don't do a tremendous amount of laundry and it's broken down on us twice now. Design Nice design, control panel is easy to read.




Dependable and affordable


I love this dryer! I have owned it for three years and have not had a single issue with it. It works great every time. I love the options on it for different temperatures. Another feature I love is the sensors that you can set to turn off when the clothes is dry or almost dry. I also like that you can set a timer for how long you would like the clothes to dry. The beeping feature that goes off lets you know when it is done. And it also tumbles after its done so that the clothes can cool off. It is overall just a great dryer. It's a very good size that allows you to dry more at once. I would recommend this dryer to anyone, great deal for a great dryer.




Ge Gas Dryer


I purchased my GE Front Load dryer when I bought a new washer so that they would be the same age. This dryer is perfect, easy to use and has many settings at the touch of a button. My favorite feature is the wrinkle removal setting so no more ironing any of my husband's shirts. Load Capacity Excellent load capacity. It fits everything and drys evenly. Performance Every feature of this dryer works well. I have had nothing but good results Ease of Use Very easy to use. Many settings to choose from at the touch of a button. Durability Every load of clothes has dried evenly and I have had no issues. Design Easy to use settings and many to choose from.




GE 27" Gas Dryer

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