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GE 24" Electric Dryer

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good choice for a small space


I purchased this Dryer to stack with the GE WCVH4800KWW Washer. The most annoying part of this purchase was that the stacking kit was on back order everywhere- I found it on the internet in another state's appliance store and ended up paying double for it. But good to know I didn't have to wait the months my appliance store was told it would take to get. This dryer fit my criteria of being able to be place above the washer, through a very narrow 24" entry and maneuvered into position despite the small space of my laundry pantry. It also is an Energy Efficient model, which was very important to me as a buyer. The dryer works well, with constant reminders to check the lint trap before beginning any cycle. The lint tray is very easy to access and easy to clean. There are many choices for cycles, and I found it useful to review the manual before beginning to use it, since some of them were new to me. I have not found a need for more than one or two of these choices yet, but it is good to know that they are available should the need arise. I have friends who envy the Antibacterial cycle, as they work in medical settings. The two cons of this machine don't bother me very much, but might annoy others: very long cycle, and it does shake a bit. I haven't had complaints from neighbors and as I said it hasn't been a problem for me. On occasion things aren't as dry as I'd want; I suspect this is due to my need to get used to cycles and what they mean, as well as how the washer cycle will affect it. The advertisement says "Sensor Dry" which I presumed will keep it going til it senses no water left; however all the cycles I have used give a time it will be done. The alert sound is much more pleasant than many standard buzzers. It also lets you know if you've left it standing for a while after it first told you it was done, which I appreciate. All in all, I have been happy with this dryer and am glad I made the purchase. It was less expensive than the competition, fit where few such appliances might, and does a good job of drying my clothes whilst saving energy.


Roslindale, MA


GE 24" Electric Dryer

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