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GE 2-Slice Classic Toaster

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GE 2-Slice Classic Toaster is great!


I have had my GE 2-slice Classic Toaster for years. Not once have I had a problem with it. There is the standard knob on it that controls the time for which your toast is toasted to give you either lightly toasted, burnt, and everything inbetween. The slots are big enought to fit a bagel in them and it even has a special Bagel button that you can press and it automatically toasts it to the perfect crispiness for a bagel. Other buttons that it features is a Defrost button for frozen bread, though I have found that if I have a frozen piece of bread that I want defrosted but not toasted, it is better to leave the bread out on the counter rather than use the defrost button. Though it is not toasted when it is done, it is a little crusty feeling. There is also a Reheat button, which I just realized that I have never used so I have no idea how well it works, and a Cancel button for if you start toasting but then change your mind. It also features an easily accessible tray that you can slide out to clean the toaster and get all the crumbs out. Over all, its stainless steel appearance and great feature buttons and bagel-sized slots make it a perfect addition to my household appliances.

Southwest, MI


multi-purpose toaster with great looks


this general electric classic toaster has it all. there's four different mode selections buttons - regular toast, bagels, defrost and reheat - and a cancel button. i especially like the bagel setting not only for bagels but for hamburger buns too. of course there's the standard darkness setting and also a pull out crumb tray. the toaster is chrome with black trim and cleans up easily. It only has two slots but since mine is a two person household, it's sufficient.

Georgetown, IN


GE 2-Slice Classic Toaster

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