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GE 1500 Watt Microwave

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Decent microwave, big space hog


This microwave does what it needs to do and has a fairly large capacity. However, it takes up a lot of counter space, which is a major drawback in a small kitchen. The cook times seem reasonable and it heats foods evenly. One thing I do not like about this microwave is that if you press the "1" button, it will automatically start cooking for one minute. If you want something to cook for, say, 10 seconds, you have to press the time cook button, then press the 1 button, followed by the 0 button, and then finally the start button. Settings/Features This microwave has a child lock on it. I have not tested it out because I do not have children, but I know this can be an important feature for those with children.



is a super cooker


This microwave from GE has some great features. I love that it has a child safety lock on the touch pad to keep little fingers from messing with the buttons. My favorite feature is the soften/melt button. I love that I can put my butter right from the refrigerator into the microwave hit this button and it does not melt my butter. It keeps it soft and spreadable without making it soupy. I also like the popcorn button just push, choose your popcorn bag size and then press start, voila! It takes the guess work out of popping popcorn. No burned, crispy kernels here. It also has a nice defrost button, you can either choose to defrost by pound or the amount of time you choose. This microwave is helpful in so many ways.

Round Lake, IL


GE 1500 Watt Microwave

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