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Coffee Percolators
GE 12-Cup Percolator

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Poorly Manufactured - Do NOT buy this


During the last third of the brew cycle no water is percolated to the top of the pot. The bottom of the stem does not seat properly on the heating element. It basically just brings the water to 180 degrees. It does not percolate during the complete cycle. You end up adding/wasting coffee to compensate for the weak brew. Design The diameter of the bottom of the stem is too wide. Needs to fit down in the heat element to seal properly



Makes great coffee!


Percolates a great cup of coffee. Brew Performance Tastes great and not one of those fast brewers. Takes a little longer to make a great cup of coffee. This one does a great job. Ease of Cleaning It's a deep percolator, but comes clean. Ease of Use Super easy to use! Design So simple to use. Durability Have had mine nearly a year and no issues whatsoever.

Toronto, OH


My family really likes this percolator


There are three big time coffee drinkers in my house. They all drink coffee almost all day long so our coffee maker has to be durable and make some decent coffee. We have tried several different coffee makers, some percolators and some with the paper filters. My family has found that this GE percolator makes good tasting coffee and keeps the coffee nice and hot for hours. It also is very durable because this thing runs all day every day and hasn't skipped a beat since we got it. The only problem with this coffee maker is that is it pretty loud when it is percolating. It wasn't too expensive and we don't have to spend money on buying coffee filters for it. All in all I would recommend this to people who drink a lot of coffee and don't have to have it all fancy.

Pine Bluff, AR


GE coffee perculator


I previously had a coffee perculator for almost 20 years.  When it broke, I went looking for a new perculator thinking it would last a long time.   GE being a good company made me decide to buy the brand product.  I have had it for only 7-8 months and for the past month have had nothing but problems with it.  The plug which goes into the perculator has a short and the coffee will start bubbling and then shuts off.  If I jiggle the cord, it will start up again.  I am writing this review because this product has not even lasted a year and is going bad.  I have since gotten another glass pot coffee maker but keep playing with it cause my husband likes the perculator coffee but it was a bad buy. 

Melbourne, AR


GE 12-Cup Percolator

3.3 4