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GE 1000 Watt 1.7 Cubic Feet Microwave Oven

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GE Profile JVM1790 Oven Saves Space and Performs Fairly Well


Microwave ovens are very commonplace, but they still have not displaced the need for a traditional, convection oven. Most households contain one of each appliance, but there are some combination appliances available and one of them is the **GE Profile** **JVM1790WK Convection Microwave Oven**, a space-saving oven designed to be installed above the kitchen counter. **Oven Commentary: GE Profile JVM1790WK Convection Microwave Oven offers 1.7 cubic feet of interior space with a total of ten different power levels, a special warm- up mode, fast bake feature, and more. The interior of the oven includes two wire oven racks, both in fixed positions, to help consumers space multiple items just right for optimal cooking. And, since this oven doubles as a microwave, there is a 13.5 inch glass turntable. The exterior of the GE Profile JVM1790WK Convection Microwave Oven includes a surface light underneath the unit that helps to illuminate the surface below and it comes with two light- intensity settings. This light can be programmed to turn on/off automatically. The GE Profile JVM1790WK Convection Microwave Oven is a combination appliance that brings together the best features of an ordinary convection oven with the convenience of a microwave. Again, most households have separate ovens for this task, but a combination oven like the GE Profile JVM1790WK Convection Microwave Oven does have a few distinct advantages. First, it makes a good choice for those who live in smaller living quarters where space is limited. Second, an oven like this helps save energy. The wattage is just as high as that of a regular oven, but since it is smaller in size, it saves some energy because there is less space to heat.  I can see how many people would benefit from a combination oven such as this, but I have a few issues with the GE Profile JVM1790WK Convection Microwave Oven and the first is the control knob. This round knob is used to set the cook time, clock, etc., and it takes getting used to. I didn't like it at first and I tended to turn past the desired setting more than once. There is a learning curve involved here and while you will get used to it in due time, it is nonetheless not as intuitive as the buttons and settings on other ovens. When you use a convection oven, you need to preheat and this is another area of dissatisfaction with the GE Profile JVM1790WK Convection Microwave Oven. The preheating process takes a little longer than it does with an electric range, even though the oven is smaller. Another potential problem is the beeping signal at the end of the cooking cycle. It isn't very loud and there is a good chance you will miss it completely if you happen to be more than one room away. There are four different sound levels for this beeper, but it is still too quiet. As for the cooking ability of the GE Profile JVM1790WK Convection Microwave Oven, there is one thing you must beware of: the fast bake option. The manufacturer claims that this option will complete the cooking cycle in twenty- five percent less time than a standard range. If you haven't read the instruction manually carefully before using this oven for the first time, you could end up burning your food. You need to adjust your cooking time accordingly. Otherwise, this is a good feature because it does help complete the process faster than normal. As for the heating ability of the microwave oven, it is just as good as any and it completes the microwaving task with efficiency. I like the preset options (for popcorn, potatoes, beverages, etc), but one aspect I don't like is, once again, the round knob I mention above. This is why I try to use the preset buttons- doing so means not having to mess with using this knob.   **Bottom Line Viewpoint:** GE makes some good appliances and the GE Profile JVM1790WK Convection Microwave Oven is certainly a good choice for those who have limited space or who don't need/use a convection oven very frequently. The convection oven component of this small appliance has a few noteworthy issues, but the microwave function is good and reliable and the appliance has enough going for it to give it a recommendation. Performance This small appliance performs well, but the convection oven has some issues. Settings/Features There are enough settings and features to provide the convenience you want. Ease of Cleaning Is cleaned much like any other microwave oven. Ease of Use This oven is fairly intuitive, but it does take a few tries to figure out certain things. Durability This small appliance seems okay, but it doesn't appear to be a product that will last long. Design The design is average and utilitarian in most respects.


Houston, TX


Where's The Keypad?!


I have mixed feelings about this product.  My main gripe is that GE replaced a keypad with a control dial, which makes it harder to set a precise cooking time. Still, there are a few things that I do like about this microwave/convection oven. My advice is to try this unit's dial feature before you buy it. Performance My husband uses the convection feature when he's turning out a big meal and we've used the warming oven a few times as well.  Even though we don't use the convection feature often, it has worked consistently well when needed. Settings/Features On the plus side, I have nothing but raves for the Popcorn sensor and the Reheat button.  If I want to reheat a plate of leftovers, the reheat button has never failed to sense the precise level of heating required to thoroughly heat my food to the perfect temperature.  In addition, no matter which brand of popcorn I use, the popcorn feature turns out a perfect bag every time.  Since these are my main uses of the GE Microwave/Convection oven, I'm happy with these features. Ease of Cleaning I've had no difficulties when cleaning the microwave. Both the interior and exterior are easy to clean. Ease of Use I hate that there is no keypad to enter in the exact time I want to microwave my food.  Instead of a keypad--like every other microwave oven I've ever used--there is a big dial that you have to spin to set small increments of time.  For example, if I want to slightly heat up my cat's refrigerated food for 20 seconds, I'm not able to punch in "20" and go.  No--I have to first hit the MicroExpress button, and then roll the dial to find 20 seconds--while the seconds have already begun ticking.  It's the most imprecise way to set a time and I can't understand why anyone at GE thought this was a good idea. Durability So far so good. We've not had any mechanical failures; large or small. Design The GE Profile has an attractive, sleek design and its placement over-the-range frees up valuable counter space.


Chicagoland, IL


GE 1000 Watt 1.7 Cubic Feet Microwave Oven JVM1790


This microwave oven came with teh house that I recently bought. It cooks food well. I usually just use the high setting so I can't really say if it does well at cooking at 50% power, but I suspect that it will do just fine. I have used the defrost function and it does do that as I would expect. It asks you for the weight of the meat that you are defrosting and then automatically puts in the time for you. I also tried the popcorn function and it cooked the popcorn perfectly. My only complaint is that the handle came off of the door. I think it was broken before and it was glued or epoxied back. My dad is handy so he drilled new holes in the door and used two screws to hold the handle in place.


Franklin Square, NY


Good but small


Purchased this years back from family that needed to get rid of it. Our old microwave had just recently quit working and so we needed one. However, we noticed some things right away. Certain tv dinners will not fit in these- the opening is too small. Also certain microwavable bowls are too high. All in all still works great wit the rotatable plate, different timers, settings, defrost modes, and heats food pretty well- not quickly. A small (Michaelina's size) tv dinner takes six minutes in my microwave. I won't be getting rid of thsi until it quits because it serves the purpose and I am used tako working around it's smaller size. If you are limited on counter space, cabinet space, or just want something that takes up less room, but still will cook a meal for you pretty quickly without it being overcooked or frozen solid, go with this. Also the microwaves are a good price.


Apex, NC


easy to use and great multitasker


I love this microwave! It is so nice to have the one-touch option for fast cooking! All you have to do is close the door and press number 1-6 and it will automatically start with 1 minute, 2 minutes, etc. Then if you can see that it's not quite done, just puch the +30 seconds button and it will continue cooking without any interruption! It's also great that you can have the timer running and also cook something inside the microwave at the same time. This makes it easy to multi-task. What mom doesn't need to cook more than one item at a time? The popcorn button is my husband's favorite feature. the automatic sensor inside calculates how much time is needed so the popcorn never burns and is never undercooked.


Ogden, UT


Easy to clean and reliable


This microwave belongs to my landlord and I have used it constantly for going on 3 years now. I have never had an issue with this appliance. The microwave has a good amount of space in it that accomodates several sizes of dishes. The rotating glass also is easily removed for cleaning purposes. I am most impressed by the fan/vent that this microwave uses over a range. I cook a lot and this little fan is super powerful. It consistently performs well and takes the constant abuse of regular cooking. The microwave is also powerful and easy to understand. My only dislike is the cream color which isn't white or almound, but a brownish cream. Nothing I can't live with but it is worth mentioning because it is very loud in my kitchen.


Santa Ana, CA


Microwave oven jvm1790


this microwave is a very good it works. when i neeed some hot coffie, it makes my coffie very hot, and it will allso heat up left overs very good . the one thing about it that i dont like is that the face that desplays the numbers and tells you the time of how long tell your food or coffie is hot, some of the lines dont work, well relly a lot of the lines dont work i dont know if if i have a older microwave but the microwave that i have was in my apartmint when i moved in so i dont know how old it is, i dont thank it can't be much older then 1, or 2, years .so outher then not being abel to see the  how long tell your food or coffie is hot it works , the microwave is good for makeing food or coffie hot but a bad timer inless you dont care to see the time and you know that when you put something in the microwave like food or coffie, that you set the timer perfictly it works grait but if you need to see the timer its not very good 


Seaside, OR


best in show


GE  JVM1790 is truely the best I have found. It's 1000 wats of power is the fastest and best I have come across. It's a great muli tasker. The features on it are quite nice and it runs so Quietly you don't know it's there. One of the best features is the automatic timer it has on the popcorn and defrost of many meats. Example: Meat setting for defrost on pork is 30 minutes and it will shut itself off when done without any cook time. pork is ready when you are. popcorn feature is 2.5 minutes . compared to 3-4 minuets on some microwaves. With all kernals poped. the buttons are easy to push.In no time at all with a prepared dish you can have a fully cooked meal    With some microwaves there has always been a problem with the food being too hot around the edges while still too cold in the middle, You won't have this problem ever again with this one. It cooks evenly all the way around. You are going to love this one, it is a real bargain too. Worth the price.


Wichita, KS


GE Microwave & Convection Oven JVM1790


I replaced my countertop microwave with this one when we redid our kitchen.  Having come from a hi-low cook center where I had two full ovens and frequently used both at the same time, I wanted to have the flexibility of using this as a second oven when the need arose.  The microwave works very well.  The controls are a bit different from what we had on the counter where you pushed the buttons for different settings.  Here you have a knob that you spin for the various time intervals and power levels.  It cooks food consistently and quickly although I have had more powerful microwaves in the past this is more than adequate for just about everything.  It cleans up  pretty easily as well.  To use as a convection oven, you simply put in the metal rack and set your temperature.  I would recommend this although my one caution for any built in microwave is to be sure you are tall enough to easily take hot foods out.


Mahwah, NJ


The Microwave is Man's Best Friend


At first I was kind of disappointed because the microwave was a little loud, but after a shim in the back of the cabnet, the operating noise was reduced immensely. Now I love this microwave. There are so many features that it will take awhile to learn how to use it properly. I would recomend it to anyone that needs  to microwave, convection cook or keep items warm. (GREAT FOR PARTIES).


Cincinnati, OH


GE 1000 Watt 1.7 Cubic Feet Microwave Oven

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